How old is a Worcester 28si II boiler?

How old is a Worcester 28si II boiler?


Manufacturer Worcester
Fan Fan Assisted
Output (KW) 8.1 – 8.1
Boiler ID 47-311-67
Manufactured From/To 2002 – current

Can a Worcester boiler work without a thermostat?

Re: Worcester Bosch Greenstar 37CDI – without a room thermos Your hot water won’t be affected. The only way you ll have of controlling temp of heating would be the left hand stat on the fasure. If you turn it down to the frost symbol it won’t kick in unless the frost stat tells it to.

How do I reset the thermostat on my Worcester boiler?

To reset the boiler: ► Turn the Central heating temperature knob anticlockwise to the “RESET” position and hold for approximately five seconds and then turn the knob back to the original temperature setting.

When should you replace boiler?

How often should a boiler be replaced? There are no set rules when it comes to how often boilers need to be replaced. However, these appliances should last for up to 15 years, or even longer if they are good quality and well maintained.

How do I reset my British Gas thermostat?

Push button 1 followed by 2 and hold them both depressed together Red LED will flash for 2 secs then go out (learn mode) Release both buttons Red and Green LED should now both be on. Take the wireless display and hold it within sight of the receiver but more than one metre away.

Why is my wireless thermostat not working?

Common issues you will find with a wireless thermostat are application bugs, signal interference, and a faulty wireless relay box. If resetting didn’t fix the communication problems, try addressing these issues first. When things don’t improve, you can narrow it down to faulty hardware.

Is it illegal to not have a thermostat?

All new heating installations must be fitted with a room thermostat to meet with building regulations. If your property is over 150 m2 it is recommended the system be split into zones and have thermostats for each zone ( i.e. upstairs zone 1, downstairs zone 2 ).

Can I have a thermostat fitted to my boiler?

You can fit a smart thermostat to your boiler. Basically, when your home has a central heating system, whether oil-fired, LPG or gas, your full set of temperature controls need to include a room thermostat, a boiler thermostat, a timer or programmer, and thermostatic radiator valves (TRVs).

Should the green light be on on a Worcester boiler?

The green light on a Worcester Bosch boiler typically indicates that the burner is operating properly, which is a good sign. However, sometimes the green light can go off, with the boiler still working fine.

How do you override a thermostat?

How to Override an Indoor Thermostat

  1. Press the hold button to place a hold on the current programming.
  2. Press and hold the temperature adjustment button.
  3. Change the program.
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