How old is Lissandra?

How old is Lissandra?

Based on the timeline in Realms of Runeterra, Lissandra is between around 9000 and 10000 years old.

Why did Volibear blind Lissandra?

What is it for? Lissandra was blinded by the claws of a primal demi-god, when she and her sisters sought to conquer all the lands of the ancient Freljord. In spite of the many wondrous and terrifying things she has achieved in the millennia since, her magic has never been able to restore her sight.

What year did Lissandra come out?


Release Date April 30th, 2013
Cost 4800 880
Attribute Mage

What role is Lissandra?


Role Popularity Winrate
Mid 90.7% 51.0%
Top 5.9% 49.1%
Support 2.6% 46.0%
AD Carry 0.8% 50.4%

Is Lissandra a Freljord?

Lissandra is coming to LoR, Riot Games revealed today—and she’s bringing seven more collectible cards to the Freljord region: Entomb, Frozen Thrall, Ice Shard, Draklorn Inquisitor, Blighted Ravine, Three Sisters, and Cold Resistance.

Who is Lissandra in the League of Legends?

It was Lissandra who stood against the wild magic of the mortal world itself. For this defiance, the savage claws of a primal god raked across her eyes, blinding her. Though each sister had lost a part of themselves, it was on the frozen fields of Lissandra’s many battles that they were able to unite and prevail.

How do you use the ultimate on Lissandra?

You can instantly use your ultimate on yourself by pressing the self cast key and the ultimate key at once (Alt + R by default) Casting Glacial Path and then running in the opposite direction will leave your enemies uncertain which way you’ll actually go. Lissandra’s abilities are shorter range than those of many mages.

How does Lissandra use iceborn subjugation in League of Legends?

Iceborn Subjugation will not summon a Thrall against enemy champions that enter a zombie state, and will instead summon one after they’ve left the state. Active: Lissandra hurls a spear of ice in a line in the target direction, dealing magic damage to the first enemy it hits and slowing them for 1. 5 seconds.

How old is Lissandra in Enter The Freljord?

Lissandra in “Enter the Freljord”. Lissandra, along with Serylda and Avarosa, were the Three Sisters of the ancient Freljord, being the leader of the Frostguard faction. Because she was one of the Three Sisters in the old Freljord, Lissandra is between 8996 and 9996 years old.

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