How wide is a Thule box?

How wide is a Thule box?

Technical specifications

Volume 18 cu ft
External dimensions 82.75 x 33.75 x 17.25 in
Internal dimensions 77.5 x 29.5 x 15.25 in
Height off crossbar 16.1 in
Load capacity 165 lb

How much height does a Thule box add?

You have a keen eye because the Thule Pulse Alpine Rooftop Cargo Box # TH613 is recessed; I checked with Thule and this cargo box will add 11.3 inches of height above your crossbar, making it one of the lowest-profile rooftop cargo boxes on the market.

What is the biggest Thule cargo box?

Thule Motion XT
The largest roof box with the largest weight capacity that we carry is the Thule Motion XT # TH629906 (black) and # TH629907 (gray). It holds up to 22 cubic feet, is 91-1/2 inches long, 37-1/2 inches wide, 18 inches high, and has a weight capacity of 165 pounds.

Do you need a roof rack for a cargo box?

Today’s cargo carriers are sleek enough to work with the aesthetics of your vehicle without sabotaging your gas mileage. All you need is a roof rack—though sometimes you don’t even need that—and you can add cargo capacity to the top of your car without looking like the Beverly Hillbillies.

What are the dimensions of a cargo box?

Length. Most cargo boxes are 6 feet long or longer. A 6-foot-long box will fit a pair of 180cm skis and most other things of that length just fine. If you have skis or other items that are longer than 180cm (5 ft.

Are cargo boxes universal?

Cargo boxes are great for road trips, camping, families, ski trips, and a lot more. Cargo boxes come with universal mounting hardware . This means they can attach to any type of crossbar – round, square, aerodynamic, or factory. Make sure your rear hatch will be able to open all the way without hitting the cargo box.

Can you drive with an empty cargo box?

The answer is No. After we have done tons of searches online for this question, we have found that many experts recommend not to drive with an empty cargo box. The most significant reason is fuel consumption.

Are Volvo roof bars made by Thule?

FYI, Volvo’s accessories are made by Thule.

How tall is the cargo box of Thule?

Thule Cargo Box Specifications Thule Carton Height (in) 18 in 12.5 in 18.625 in 18.625 in 17.625 in 17.625 in 17.625 in 17.625 in 18 in 17 in 17 in 17 in 17 in 17 in 17 in 14 in 12 in Carton Weight (lbs) 68 lb 69.5 lb 70 lb 70 lb 61 lb 61 lb 57 lb 57 lb 66 lb 54 lb 51 lb 45 lb 46 lb 49 lb 44 lb 40 lb 22 lb

Can a Thule top carrier fit on a roof?

While the stylish designs make them ideal even for everyday use as they match the sleek, aerodynamic lines of your car. Our rooftop cargo carriers fit Thule roof racks and most factory racks.

Is there a ski rack or roof box for Thule?

If you have entered all the information and there is still not a (roof box, ski rack, etc) available for your vehicle, unfortunately, this means that Thule fit engineers have not approved a fit for your vehicle. Let us know what you are looking for! Based upon your selection, we will recommend the best products for you.

How can I get Thule to fit my car?

Start by selecting a product category above. If you need any additional information on product category details in Thule Buyer’s Guide, just click on the information symbols you’ll find throughout the guide. Getting ready for an adventure and want to carry your gear on top of your car?

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