Is BahnCard worth?

Is BahnCard worth?

It gives you 100 % reduction of the standard train ticket price, so you don’t need to pay for the ticket at all. However, this BahnCard is only worth the money if you travel long distances regularly throughout an entire year.

What is Bahn bonus card?

bahn.bonus is the bonus programme of Deutsche Bahn. With the free bahn. bonus card or a BahnCard you can collect bonus points each time you travel by train and from a wealth of partners. You can convert these points into attractive gift items, for example a free trip. In addition, you can collect status points.

How do I redeem Bahn bonus points?

To claim your points, please present your BahnCard when you check out. Or make your very own holiday dreams a reality with bahn. bonus points. Simply exchange your points for a voucher to stay in one of the Deutsche Hospitality’s establishments.

How do you get Bahn bonus points?

How do I collect points?

  1. Step 1: To collect points, all you have to do is type your bahn. bonus number into the relevant box when making your hotel reservation.
  2. Step 2: Following your departure, the points will be “credited” to your bahn. bonus account within four or five weeks.

What are the different types of BahnCard discount cards?

There are three types of BahnCard discount cards: The choice for occasional travelers and families: BahnCard 25 already pays off with one annual journey of more than €200 in second class. BahnCard 25 costs just €62 for second class and €125 for first class and grants 25% reduction on the full fare for a whole year.

How much does a BahnCard 50 cost in Germany?

Travel flexibly and save at the same time: BahnCard 50 costs just €255 for standard class and €515 for 1st class and is not valid in connection with Saver fares. Children, students under 27 years and senior citizens over 60 years pay only half the price for their BahnCard 50.

How long is the BahnCard 50 valid for?

For partners, children and selected groups (e.g. students or senior citizens) the BahnCard 50 can be purchased at reduced rates. The BahnCard 50 is valid for one year from the date of issue and will be automatically renewed for one year, unless it is cancelled no later than 6 weeks before its renewal date.

Which is the best discount card for Germany?

BahnCard—Your DB Bahn discount card for frequent travellers. If you will make even just a few trips in Germany, a BahnCard can be a worthwhile investment. You can save on domestic ticket prices. And you can also save if your trip begins or ends outside Germany. There are three types of BahnCard discount cards:

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