Is it good to buy educomp share?

Is it good to buy educomp share?

In most segments, Educomp is the market leader with no serious competition. Based on estimated strong earnings growth and dearth of other similar investment options in education space, we recommend BUY on Educomp with 1-year target price of Rs817 (15x FY12E EPS).

Who owns educomp?

Shantanu Prakash
Educomp was a sort of star circa 2008-12. Founded and run by Shantanu Prakash, an alumnus of IIM-Ahmedabad and Delhi’s Shri Ram College of Commerce, it sold ‘Smartclass’ – hardware for digitally equipping classrooms – to thousands of schools and seemed to have hit upon a great idea in the ever-growing education sector.

In which year smart class room was launched by educom?

June 2003
In June 2003 the company launched Smart Class Content solutions a novel concept in Education space which is aimed at transforming an entire classroom into a Technology enabled classroom.In the year 2003 the company floated a subsidiary namely Learning Mate Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

What is the cost of smart class?

Department of Education, Govt of NCT of Delhi in the PAB 2018-19 got the approval of Rs 652.3 Lakhs for the proposal for setting up of Digital Board/ Smart Classroom at a cost of Rs 1.1 Lakh per classroom in 593 schools.

What is Smartclass?

A Smart Class is edtech-upgraded classroom that cultivate education by opening doors to digital teaching and learning methods for both the teachers and the students by coordinating latest advancements in technology with academics.

How much does it cost to install a Smart Board?

Putting a SMART Board in your classroom can be an investment, and the exact pricing varies, depending on the model, state sales tax, and which SMART Board reseller you choose. Typically we see installation, hardware, cabling, shipping and sales tax add up to $500-1500 depending on the exact circumstance.

How smart classes are beneficial to students?

The smart class makes learning fun and interesting for the students and enables teachers to teach effectively. Hence, the smart class is a technological boon for the education system. It provides opportunities for the students to help in understanding the concept better and achieving their academic excellence.

What is the stock price of Educomp Solutions?

The Prices page of Educomp Solutions Ltd.. captures the information on Price and Volume for a user defined time interval. It also contains the Live Stock Price and Volume, 52 Week High Low, Bid and Offer Price and Volume, Intraday and Historical Price Chart. Intraday Data not available.

What are the main features of Educomp free demo?

Also having digital maths and science for classes 1st to 12th as per the basis of boards. Click here to get detailed pricing as per your requirements. What are the main features of Educomp ?

What does bulk deal mean for Educomp Sol?

*A bulk deal is a trade where total quantity of shares bought or sold is more than 0.5% of the equity shares of a company listed on the exchange. With reference to above captioned subject, it is hereby informed that Mr. Manoj Garg has appointed as Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and Key ….

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