Is it safe to travel to Naples Italy now?

Is it safe to travel to Naples Italy now?

For tourists, Naples is as safe as any Italian city. One reason this misconception still remains relevant is Naples’ history with the Camorra. As of 2020, Naples ranks #95 on Numbeo’s World Crime Index by City (ranked most to least dangerous), not far from Rome at #110.

How bad is Naples Italy?

Naples does have a bit of a reputation for crime – organised crime being its most famous facet. The most common crime in Naples is often just petty theft, typically in crowded areas and on public transport – the kind of crime you get in many cities. Many, if not most, parts of the city are very safe.

Is Naples sketchy?

In fact, Italian sources state that crime in Naples is less frequent than in Rome or Milan. Naples has long suffered a reputation as a dangerous place. In reality, the city today is a relatively safe place, especially if you heed the following basic safety tips.

What are the cons of living in Italy?

List of the Cons of Living in Italy

  • You’re going to need to know Italian on some level.
  • There is a legitimate problem with grime when living in Italy.
  • It can be expensive to live in Italy.
  • Italy has access to limited resources.
  • High schools in Italy do not provide a holistic curriculum.

How much is pizza in Naples?

Naples food and drink prices USD

Food type Price
Pizza for one At the popular and casual pizza restaurants you get many options from simple to elaborate. 5.29 – 10.59
Beer (.33l bottle) The local lagers are often fairly cheap at restaurants and cafe bars, but more at night clubs. 1.76 – 4.71

Is Naples a poor city?

Despite being a major tourist destination, Naples is one of the poorest cities in Europe. The city has an unemployment rate of about 28 percent, and some estimates even put the rate as high as 40 percent. Across all of Italy, the economic situation has been on the decline.

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