Is Metro Traffic School legit?

Is Metro Traffic School legit?

Metro Traffic School has a consumer rating of 4.76 stars from 163 reviews indicating that most customers are generally satisfied with their purchases. Consumers satisfied with Metro Traffic School most frequently mention alcohol course and final exam. Metro Traffic School ranks 2nd among Driving Schools sites.

How much does traffic school cost in Florida?

Approved by the State of Florida in all 67 counties $19.95 is your total cost. When you complete your Florida traffic school course you choose the traffic school certificate delivery method that works with your timeline. Standard delivery is via download 7 days after you complete your course.

What is the best online traffic school in Florida?

Top 5 Online Advanced Driver Improvement Schools Approved by the FLHSMV:

  • American Safety Council.
  • Florida Educational Driving School.
  • National Traffic Safety Institute.
  • Driver Training Associates (
  • Traffic School Online.

How do I register for traffic school online?

How Traffic School Works in Florida

  1. Register for Online Traffic School. Go to the Florida Traffic School page and select the “Sign Up Now” link.
  2. Create a Username and Password.
  3. Pay for Your Course.
  4. Start Your Course.
  5. Work Your Way Through The Course Materials.
  6. Finish Your Course.

How much is the 4 hour driving class?

Florida 4 Hour Basic Driver Improvement Course (BDI Class) 4 Hour Defensive Driving Course (DDC)

Classroom 4 Hour Driver Improvement Course 4 Hour Traffic School Class Online
$30.00 No Test. Certificate Provided on Class Day. Class Schedule Register $24.95

How many points does traffic school remove in Florida?

Reckless driving and criminal traffic violations will provide 4 points. Passing stopped school bus will guarantee you 4 points.

What is the easiest online traffic school in Florida?

iDriveSafely is the fastest online traffic school allowed by Florida state law. It doesn’t matter if you’re taking the 4 hour, 8 hour, or 12 hour traffic school course – they are all the absolute minimum allowed by law.

Can I still do traffic school after paying ticket?

Should I take traffic school before or after I pay my ticket? You will need to pay your ticket and request the option to take traffic school from the court before you complete a traffic school course. After you do this, the court will give you a new due date that you’ll have to complete your traffic school course by.

How long do I have to take traffic school after a ticket in California?

60 days
How Long Do You Have To Do Traffic School After You Get A Ticket? In California, most courts allow you up to 60 days from the date of payment to the court to complete traffic school.

What does BDI mean in traffic school?

Basic Driver Improvement
In order to qualify for a Basic Driver Improvement (BDI) course to eliminate the assessment of points, drivers must voluntarily elect this option within 30 days (section 318.14 (4), Florida Statutes) from the citation date and, prior to attending the course, drivers must inform the clerk of court in the county where …

Do points fall off your license in Florida?

Points are assigned based on the type of conviction and remain on the driver record for at least five years from the date of disposition (conviction). If a driver accumulates too many points in a set time frame, their driving privileges will be suspended.

How do I get 4 points off my license in Florida?

To take a Florida 4-hour BDI course for point reduction and to clear your record, contact the court within 30 days of receiving your traffic ticket. The fastest and easiest way to reduce points is to take an online Basic Driver Improvement course.

Is there a traffic school in Broward County?

The Broward County Commission On Alcoholism, Inc., the Broward-Dade Safety Council and Broward Traffic School and the services provided are governed by the laws and rules established by the legislature of Florida, with regulatory authority given by the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles.

Can you go to Metro Traffic School in Florida?

Metro Traffic School offers our students the ability to complete all required courses to meet their Florida Traffic School requirements. Our highly trained and experienced professionals will assist students in making informed decisions with regard to their Florida Traffic School course.

Is there a driving school in Miami FL?

State-licensed program provides the required DUI services to court-ordered and voluntary drivers in FL. Learn to drive with Metro Driving School. We have Florida driving lessons that fit your needs. No need to wait in line at the DMV! Take your Florida DMV Permit Test ONLINE! No need to live in Miami!

How much does it cost to take traffic school?

There is a 40 question “open book” test at the end. You must get 80% (32 questions) correct to get credit for the course. You are guaranteed to pass – Free retakes. The Course fee is $19.95. Make a secure payment now using your debit or credit card.

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