Is there a formal word for bong?

Is there a formal word for bong?

Definition and synonyms of bong from the online English dictionary from Macmillan Education. This is the British English definition of bong….bong ​Definitions and Synonyms.

singular bong
plural bongs

Is bong a bad word?

Bong is a neologism that originated in cosmopolitan India in the 1980s as a slightly pejorative exonym for the educated middle-class Bengalis from the Indian state of West Bengal.

What are synonyms for bong?

Synonyms of bong

  • chime,
  • knell,
  • peal,
  • ring,
  • toll.

What is slang for bong?

Summary of Key Points

Definition: Water Pipe for Smoking
Type: Slang Word (Jargon)
Guessability: 2: Quite easy to guess
Typical Users: Adults

Is Billy slang for bong?

‘Billy’ meaning So rhyming slang, billy =bong( a Smoking tool for marijuana.) To” bill” a “bong” = put a bong to lips. Example: To bill a bong.

What is a Billy slang for?

noun. (slang) A condom (From the E-Rotic song “Willy, Use a Billy…Boy”)

How do you get the smoothest bong rip?

The best way to add the ice is to incline the bong a bit, and slowly put the ice cubes in. Another way to cool the smoke down without the need for ice is by means of a glycerin tube. The glycerin can be put in your freezer without expanding and breaking the glass.

What’s the slang term for a water pipe?

Slang term for a water pipe. the slip you place over your nail before placing the dab in the center of the nail. The dome directs the airflow down into the water pipe as you begin to draw on the pipe. a device used to vaporize dry matter or concentrates instead of smoking by combustion. they are a healthy alternative to smoking.

What are the new words for smoking marijuana?

4/20/15 – New words added by OpenStrain. Acapulco Gold A smokable marijuana variety. Aluminum pipe A smoking utensil made from aluminum. Apple pipe A smoking utensil made from an apple. Aqua lung A gravity bong in a bucket. Ash

What do you need to know about marijuana slang?

Having a grasp on marijuana slang will let you navigate the world of cannabis like a pro. Specifically, it will come in super handy whether you’re joining a smoke circle with friends, talking to your dealer, or checking in with the budtenders at your local dispensary.

What do you call a smoking device with an empty bowl?

Ashed An empty bowl. Auto A smoking device consisting of an aquarium pump and an oxygen mask. Babysitting Holding a smoking apparatus excessively long. Baggie Any size plastic bag used for containing marijuana. Bake break To take a break from all activities and smoke marijuana.

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