Is there a plural for diagnosis?

Is there a plural for diagnosis?

BizWritingTip response: “Diagnosis” is a singular word meaning the identification of an illness or disease by means of a patient’s symptoms. Dr. House’s diagnosis was accurate – as usual. The word “diagnoses” is the plural form.

Is it diagnosis or diagnose?

Diagnosis is defined as the process of recognising an injury, condition, or disease from the signs and symptoms the individual is displaying. Diagnostic tests are used to ascertain a diagnosis. Blood tests, health history, physical assessments, and other procedures may be used to help make a diagnosis.

What is the opposite of diagnosis?

What is the opposite of diagnosis?

indifference apathy
incuriousness incuriosity
nonchalance unconcern
callousness dispassionateness
impartiality impassiveness

What is the plural of Nautilus?

Nautilus, plural nautiluses, or nautili, either of two genera of cephalopod mollusks: the pearly, or chambered, nautilus (Nautilus), to which the name properly applies; and the paper nautilus (Argonauta), a cosmopolitan genus related to the octopus.

What is the word for multiple diagnosis?

Mental health. In psychiatry, psychology, and mental health counseling, comorbidity refers to the presence of more than one diagnosis occurring in an individual at the same time.

What is the plural of Echo?

echo. noun. \ ˈe-kō \ plural echoes.

What is the word nautilus mean?

The word nautilus is derived from the Greek ναυτίλος nautílos and originally referred to the paper nautilus of the genus Argonauta, which are actually octopuses. The word nautílos literally means “sailor”, as paper nautiluses were thought to use two of their arms as sails.

What is the plural of prognosis?

noun. prog·​no·​sis | \ präg-ˈnō-səs \ plural prognoses\ präg-​ˈnō-​ˌsēz \

How do you use the word diagnosis?

Examples of diagnose in a Sentence The test is used to help in diagnosing heart disease. Thousands of new cases have been diagnosed in the past year. The doctor was unable to diagnose the skin condition. a new doctor with little experience diagnosing patients The mechanic was unable to diagnose the problem.

What is the plural of erratum?

noun. er·​ra·​tum | \ e-ˈrä-təm , -ˈrā-, -ˈra- \ plural errata\ e-​ˈrä-​tə , -​ˈrā-​ , -​ˈra-​ \

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