What anime is Makoto and Haruka from?

What anime is Makoto and Haruka from?

MakoHaru is the slash ship between Makoto Tachibana and Haruka Nanase from the Free! fandom.

Is Haru and Rin dating?

Compared to the two main couples, who face difficulties but generally fit easily together, these two seem a bit like foils: while most other characters don’t make their relationships official and don’t even admit their feelings to themselves until the last manga volume, Rin and Haru were in a relationship before the …

Who does Makoto end up with?

He can end up with Kotonoha, Sekai, Hikari, Otome, or Kotonoha and Sekai together. In one ending, he can have sex with various girls while regretting what his life has become.

What happened to Makoto in the end of the story?

Makoto falls in love with Yuichi and says she wants to be married to him and stay with him forever. At the end of her story, after she and Yuichi have been “married”, she disappears in front of Yuichi, and is presumed to have died. The two later reunite after the fox transforms into Makoto near the start of Kanon.

Who does Makoto end up with the girl who leapt through time?

In The Girl Who Leapt Through Time, Chiaki and Makoto talk at the end of the movie and he uses his last jump to return to the future. He confesses his love for Makoto and tells her to find him in the future, hinting they will be together then.

Why does Haru sleep with everyone?

Haru started to sleep with any male she met. She didn’t care if she lost friends or if the others spread rumors about her, as she felt it was a lot better than being treated like a defenseless creature.

Do Haru and Shizuku get married in the anime?

Three and a half years later, Haru proposes to Shizuku and their wedding was shown in the final chapter.

Who is Haruka in Makoto and Rin?

Haruka Nanase Haruka Nanase Kanji 七瀬 遙 Rōmaji Nanase Haruka Also known as Haru (by Makoto and Rin) Haruka-senpai ( Description Description

Who is Makoto Tachibana in the anime free?

Makoto Tachibana (橘 真琴 Tachibana Makoto) is one of the main characters of the anime series Free! and the light novel High☆Speed!. He is the backstroke swimmer and captain of the Iwatobi High School Swim Club. He is currently majoring in Sports Medicine at Meijo Chuo University in Tokyo, with the aim of becoming a professional sports trainer.

How did Makoto and Haruka Nanase become friends?

Makoto and Haruka Nanase have been friends since at least kindergarten. It was in kindergarten that Haruka started calling Makoto by his first name and Makoto calling Haruka “Haru-chan.” It was Makoto who wanted to join the Iwatobi Swimming Club when they were children and Haru simply tagged along.

Who is Haruka Nanase in the anime free?

Lara Woodhull (child) Haruka Nanase (七瀬 遙 Nanase Haruka) is the main protagonist of the anime series Free! and the light novel High☆Speed!. . He is a freestyle swimmer and was the vice-captain of the Iwatobi High School Swim Club. He is currently a freshman at Hidaka University where he also a member of the swim club.

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