What are some walkie talkie sayings?

What are some walkie talkie sayings?

walkie talkie lingo

  • 10-1 – “I need to go the bathroom” (number 1)
  • 10-2 – “I need to go the bathroom” (number 2)
  • 10-4 – “I understood the message”
  • 20 – Location; as in, “What’s your 20?”
  • Copy – “I heard and understood the message”
  • Go Again – “I did not understand the message, please repeat”.

What does 104 mean on a walkie talkie?

Appendix A. Radio Dispatch Codes from Select Law Enforcement and Emergency Response Agencies

Radio Code Description
104 Message Received
106 Busy
1013 Advise Road Or Weather Conditions
1014 Provide Escort

What does 10-4 mean on a walkie-talkie?

Message received
10-4 = Message received. 10-5 = Relay message to ___ 10-6 = Busy, please stand by. 10-7 = Out of service, leaving the air. 10-8 = In service, subject to call.

Can phones talk to walkie talkies?

Walkie talkie apps work like the real devices. You listen to all the activity on your chosen channel, then hit the big Speak button when it’s your turn to talk. Walkie talkie apps require Wi-Fi or data connections, although due to the heavily compressed audio, they use very little data.

Which is the best walkie talkie for business?

If your business has regular use of 2-way radio communication, professional walkie talkies can be a natural choice. Most consumer walkie talkies rarely go beyond 0.5W in power. Business walkie talkies have higher wattage and can be perfect for long-distance use.

How many channels does a walkie talkie have?

However these 2 way radios are harder to use than your standard 22-channel recreational walkie talkie. That said, you can choose from 1, 5, and 8-watt power output options. This means when you need the extra power you can get it, otherwise you can conserve battery power with lower output.

Do you need a license to use a walkie talkie?

Just in case though, let’s review a couple important facts. A simple 22-channel radio requires no license or permission to operate. These function on a simple Family Radio Service frequency. Even at crowded events like an air show or busy campground you should be able to find an available channel.

What are the privacy codes on a walkie talkie?

I have to hand it to them, the 121 privacy codes attached to each of the 22 channels is an impressive feature. In even the busiest areas, there should be plenty of options for a private channel. These walkie talkies also come ready for the modern era with a vibration call alert like your cellphone.

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