What are the rules to Scattergories?

What are the rules to Scattergories?

Players score zero points for an answer that duplicates another answer in that round, and one point for an answer no other player has given. You cannot have more than one answer on a line for each number. Acceptable answers that are proper nouns using alliteration score one point for each word using the letter.

Can two players have the same answer in Scattergories?

Players cannot use the same answer twice in the same round, even if it would otherwise be acceptable. Other players can challenge you, though, and answers that fail a group vote won’t count toward your score. Write each answer on your Scattergories scorepad.

Are adjectives OK in Scattergories?

The articles “A”, “An” and “The” cannot be used as key letters. Answers can be comprised of more than one word. For instance, sometimes adjectives are necessary to make the answer “work” with the category/clue.

Can you get 2 points in Scattergories?

You cannot have more than one answer on a line for each number. (In the “Junior” version, players earn 2 points for an answer that begins with the chosen letter, and 1 point for an answer that does not begin with the chosen letter, but no points for a duplicate answer.

How do you win at Scattergories?

Strategies for Scattergories

  1. Think of any and all words starting with the letter and find a category that they might fit in, selecting the most obscure category to avoid overlapping with another player.
  2. Think of any and all words associated with the category on the list, and see if any of them start with the letter.

How do I get better at Scattergories?

Can you use a phrase in Scattergories?

Absolutely not, unless you want to just accept adjectives for everyone and make the game far less challenging.

How are the rules set up for Scattergories?

Scattergories Rules Set Up- A die with all the letters will be rolled to randomly select a letter for the first list. Everyone should write that letter at the top of the list that the group will be playing. All players must agree to use the same list.

How do you score points in Scattergories round?

Scoring the round: Players, in turn, read their answers aloud. Players mark their own answer sheets by circling acceptable answers that do not match any other player’s answers. Continue reading answers until all 12 categories have been marked. Then score 1 point for each of your circled answers.

What do you do when the timer stops playing Scattergories?

Players are using List #1 and the letter P was rolled. When the timer stops, all players must immediately stop writing. Scoring the round: Players, in turn, read their answers aloud. Players mark their own answer sheets by circling acceptable answers that do not match any other player’s answers.

What’s the point of the game Scattergories?

The point of Scattergories is to come up with unique answers. The game presents a list of categories and a random letter. Each player must then come up with responses starting with that letter that fit into each of the categories.

How do I play Scattergories on Zoom?

1. An Online Version Of Scattergories

  1. Have one person go to Swellfargo’s Scattergories game or a site. They’ll then share their screen so you’re all looking at the same list.
  2. Click play when everyone’s ready.
  3. After two minutes, everyone shares their answers.
  4. Play as many rounds as you want.

What is the time limit for Scattergories?

Game Play- A timer will be set for three minutes. In the time allotted, each player must attempt to think of and write down, in the first column on the pad, a word or term that fits each of the 12 categories and starts with the rolled letter.

How do you play Scattergories at home?

A homemade Scattergories game follows the same basic premise, except the game is played by choosing a category and then listing words applicable. The goal is to list words other players miss. One original word using the letter scores one point. If you wish, you can give two points for two words, such as “red rose.”

What game is similar to Scattergories?

Boggle makes the list of games like Scattergories because it has a key game mechanic that is its own thing but brings you to a similar place. At the end of the day, you are still coming up with as many words as possible based on restrictions. In Boggle, your limitations are the letters that fall and where they are.

Can you play Cluedo on Zoom?

But unlike many board games, the murder mystery format translates well to Zoom. Luckily, playing Clue online with the help of Zoom is easy. If you’ve never played before (or seen Knives Out), the rules of Clue are fairly simple.

Can you use last names in Scattergories?

When answering with a proper name, you may use the first or last name, as long as the key letter is the first letter of your answer. For example, if the key letter is G and the category is PRESIDENTS, your answer could be George Bush or Garfield, James.

What is Swellgarfo?

Swellgarfo actually offers a solid faux-Scattergories experience with a question template already in place, a built-in timer, and a random number generator to boot. One player will need to share the Swellgarfo screen with other players and everyone will need to record their answers on scratch paper.

What are good Scattergories Categories?

Example Scattergories Lists

  • List #1. Holiday Activities. Things That Will Get You Fired.
  • List #2. Things You Get in the Mail. Things You Do Every Day.
  • List #3. Things You Make. Things at a Carnival.
  • List #4. Musical Groups.
  • List #5. Items in a Vending Machine.
  • List #6. Ethnic Foods.
  • List #7. Things in a Medicine Cabinet.
  • List #8. Cars.

Can you get double points in Scattergories?

You can also give double points for an alliterative answer with two words (i.e., “Peter Pan” if the letter was P and the category was book characters). At the end, the player/team with the most points wins. Below are 16 Scattergories lists for all ages.

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