What are Thors good for SC2?

What are Thors good for SC2?

In General[edit] Thors are one of the best support units in StarCraft II, using their massive Ground DPS and anti-air range to support the units up front. The Thor’s high HP count also lets them stand in front of the army, acting as a barrier for more fragile units, such as the Siege Tank.

What counters Thor SC2?

Being Zerg, apparently the official counter against Thors and Hellions with blue flame is Zerglings, Roachs, or Infestors.

Who voiced the Thor in StarCraft 2?

Travis Hampton Willingham (born August 3, 1981) is an American voice actor.

Do Thor’s do splash damage?

The Thor is primarily used as an anti-Mutalisk unit for its +Light splash damage. With its Explosive Payload anti-air attack, it outranges the opponent to spread their air units or suffer large amounts of splash damage.

How do you counter Thor as Zerg?

The usual zerg answer to thor in the midgame is to use roaches, and possibly lings as well for extra DPS and tanking shots. Roaches are fairly cost effective vs thors, at least before the thors hit 3 attack upgrades, but they are horribly supply inefficient, so they will only work for so long.

What do the Protoss say in StarCraft?

“Our fleet shall avenge Aiur!” “The stars are under our protection.” “Our light shall shine through the Void.”

What counters Archons StarCraft 2?

Generally the way to counter Archons is by simply focus firing them. Usually however PvP engagements end up being prism micro competitions in which the player who can juggle his units better wins. Archons are “Massive”, and can therefore destroy Force Fields.

Is the Thor a good unit in Starcraft 2?

Thor units are excellent counters for most of the heavy Zerg units in Starcraft 2, especially Ultralisks, but the ponderous movement speed of the Thor does leave it vulnerable to light Zerg units swarming it in overwhelming numbers.

What are upgrades for bunkers in Starcraft 2?

Shrike Turret – Outfits bunkers with an automated turret that can attack both air and ground units. Fortified Bunker – Increases bunker health by 150 life.

What should you avoid with a Thor in StarCraft?

It doesn’t deal splash damage to ground units, therefore, it cannot effectively deal with massed units such as marines, zerglings, and zealots. Thors should also avoid marauders, void rays and immortals due to their bonus damage against armored targets.

Is the infestor a danger in Starcraft 2?

As with so many other units, the Infestor is a major danger, with its ability to wrest control of your own Thor and turn it upon your troops. The Starcraft 2 Thor unit’s mighty weaponry can rapidly swing a multiplayer skirmish the way of the Terran forces, as long as it provided with the support to keep it in the field for as long as possible.

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