What bank is BSB 704865?

What bank is BSB 704865?

BSB Details for 704-865 – Indue Ltd in Australia.

Does Qantas have a bank?

No, Qantas is not a bank. Mastercard Prepaid Management Services Australia Pty Ltd distributes Qantas Travel Money (together with Qantas which is an authorised representative of Mastercard Prepaid Management Services for the purpose of providing general financial product advice with respect to Qantas Travel Money).

How safe is Qudos Bank?

Qudos Bank is an authorised deposit-taking institution (ADI) regulated by the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA), that means it is a part of the Financial Claims Scheme (FCS). Under the scheme, certain deposits are protected/ guaranteed up to a limit of $250,000 for each account holder.

Who is Qudos Bank owned by?

Qudos Bank is an unlisted public company, owned by its customers and their elected 10 board members. It operates 7 branches across Australia….Qudos Bank.

Trade name Qudos Bank
Formerly Qantas Credit Union
Type Mutual Bank Customer-owned financial institution
Founded 1 November 1959 in Sydney
Headquarters Mascot, Sydney , Australia

What bank is Indue?

Indue Limited ABN 97 087 822 464 (“Indue”) is a bank and Authorised Deposit-Taking Institution (“ADI”) that is regulated by the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority. Indue is owned by financial institutions, each of which is also an ADI.

Which bank does Qantas use?

Heritage Bank
Qantas Travel Money is issued by Heritage Bank (AFSL 240984).

Is Qudos Bank Government Guaranteed?

Government Guarantee on Deposits. You can relax knowing your savings are safe with Qudos Bank under the Government Guarantee on Deposits. Australian regulation provides a Government guarantee to protect deposits up to $250,000 for each account holder, per ADI.

Is Qudos bank part of Qantas?

Qudos Bank is the issuer, offeror and administrator of the Qantas Points Banking Products and is a credit provider and credit licensee under National Consumer Credit laws. You should read our Terms and Conditions for Savings Accounts and Payment Services available on our website before opening an account with us.

Is Indue a bank?

Indue Limited ABN 97 087 822 464 (“Indue”) is a bank and Authorised Deposit-Taking Institution (“ADI”) that is regulated by the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority. Indue is a principal member of Visa, MasterCard and eftpos, and holds an Australian Financial Services Licence (AFSL).

What is the BSB number for Qantas staff credit union?

BSB Number: 704-865. The Bank BSB Number is a 6 digit bank code assigned to Australian banks by Australian Payments Clearing Association (APCA).

When did Qantas credit union start in Australia?

We started as Qantas Credit Union, more than 60 years ago. Back then our customers were the men and women of Qantas. They brought Australia to the world, and back home again. And we supported them through all their journeys.

Are there any Qudos Bank branches in Australia?

You can visit us in person at a Qudos Bank branch in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. However, we are a bank for Australians, no matter where you’re located. Customers all over Australia bank with us over the phone, online, through the app, and our partner services via Australia Post.

What was the first credit union in Australia?

Credit Union Telephone Exchange (CUTIE) was launched – the first telephone banking service in Australia. On 19th August 1959, 14 Qantas employees met in the Qantas Theatre at 70 Hunter Street, Sydney at 5.30pm and they resolved to lodge an application to register Qantas Staff Co-operative Credit Union Limited.

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