What chemo is used for medulloblastoma?

What chemo is used for medulloblastoma?

After cyclophosphamide, nitrosoureas and methotrexate more effective drugs would be applied in the treatment of medulloblastoma: carboplatin, cisplatin, etoposide and ifosfamide. In resistant or relapsed cases several other drugs are used, too, as Temozolomide.

What is the survival rate for medulloblastoma?

The relative 5-year survival rate for medulloblastoma is 72.1% but know that many factors can affect prognosis. This includes the tumor grade and type, traits of the cancer, the person’s age and health when diagnosed, and how they respond to treatment.

What kind of chemotherapy is used for medulloblastomas?

Topotecan during radiation, followed by four cycles of dose-intense chemotherapy for standard-risk or high-risk medulloblastomas ( 24. 41) Day -4: Cisplatin, 75 mg/m2; vincristine 1.5 mg/m2 (maximum, 2 mg) IV

When to give cyclophosphamide to medulloblastoma patients?

Carboplatin and vincristine during radiation, followed by maintenance: cisplatin, lomustine, vincristine, and cyclophosphamide for high-risk medulloblastoma ( 26) Cyclophosphamide, 1,000 mg/m2 IV, is given over 1 hour on days 2 and 3. On the first day of administration, cyclophosphamide should be given at least 24 hours after cisplatin.

What are the treatment options for medulloblastoma in children?

Standard treatment options for children older than 3 years who are newly diagnosed with medulloblastoma and have metastatic disease or have had a subtotal resection include the following: 1 Surgery. 2 Adjuvant radiation therapy. 3 Adjuvant chemotherapy.

What should I take before radiation for medulloblastoma?

2 doses of carboplatin before radiation: The recommended phase 2 dose of carboplatin during radiation was 35 mg/m2 IV daily 1–4 hours before radiation, to a maximum total of 30 doses. Vincristine during radiation: Vincristine, 1.5 mg/m2 (maximum, 2 mg) IV weekly was given during radiation for 6 weeks.

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