What do you get at level 100 in Dofus?

What do you get at level 100 in Dofus?

A character or monster ‘s level is a rough determination of their proficiency in combat. Certain Equipments require a minimum level to equip. Each new level until level 200, your character will gain 5 HP and 5 Characteristic Points. At level 100, your character will gain a static bonus of 1 AP and the Power Aura Emote .

How many quests can you do in cloudy Dofus?

Cloudy dofus questline is only left with 200 quests. If you are dedicated enough You can do Alligment up to 100 and then Start Ivory questline. You should finish 1 dungeon questline and you can get up to kralove (or if you are lucky with opening,complete it too)

When does Shadow become vulnerable in Dofus 2.42?

For the Sidekick of the same name, see Shadow (sidekick) . Before 2.42 Shadow became vulnerable for 1 turn if he and his silhouette was aligned in a symmetrical way in where the orb needed to be in the center of the symmetry. With the update 2.42 (Simplification of High-Level Content) the strategy for Shadow changed.

How many Dofus quests does watchers Dofus have?

Dungeon questline and monster achivments AND you can start Watchers Dofus questline with whole lvl 100 enurado zone quests -First 8 quests. (dungeon could be hard without 4 people at this lvl). 110- procceed with dungeon/monster achieves/ potentially ecaflipus dimension quests (First 8 quests,they are aids tho).

Which is the best source of XP in Dofus?

Stontusk Desert monsters can be a good, albeit difficult, source of XP for this level range. The Tears of Ouronigride monsters, void mobs with many Steam Crackler. Monsters in The Petrified Forest near Korriander’s Lair, such as Treecherous or Fungore, are a great source of XP, especially when paired with Idols.

How many XP does it take to get to Omega 600?

Below is a chart of the required total experience points for each level up to Omega 600 (10 levels per line with the number of the first level in front of the line). For example, Level 12 would be the base for Level 10, +2 = 32,600 Total XP.

How often do you get new pods in Dofus?

At levels 101, 105, 110, 115, 120, 125, 130, 135, 140, 145, 150, 155, 160, 165, 170, 175, 180, 185, 190, 195 and 200, your character will gain a variant of one of its spells. Each new level after level 200, your character will gain 5 Pods . Every 100 Omega levels, your character will gain a new Aura .

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