What do you wear inside Madisar?

What do you wear inside Madisar?

The Best part about Madisar is that it relieves you from the hassles of wearing a petticoat; instead you can wear it without shorts or half pants. Begin wearing the trouser style saree by making approximately 3-inch plates from the non pallu end. Make note that the pleats should be at least 8 in number.

Who can wear Madisar?

Both Iyer and Iyengar Brahmins are supposed to wear madisars at ceremonial/ religious occasions, such as the wedding ceremony, the Seemantham (a religious ceremony conducted for a first pregnancy), all religious ceremonies, Puja, and death ceremonies.

How do you wear 9 yards?

How to Wear Madisar Saree

  1. Wear a blouse but skip the petticoat, as the saree will be tied in trouser style.
  2. Identify the pallu as the side with heavy design or different colour.
  3. Take these small pleats (or bunch of folds) to the left side of your back and hold them firmly in place.

What is a 9 yard saree?

The 9 yards saree is the famous Madisar of Tamil Brahmin culture. The origins of this saree can be traced back to two thousand years. The 9 yard saree is the traditional wear for Tamil Brahmin weddings, baby showers and religious festivals.

What is the difference between Iyengar and Iyer?

The Iyer and Iyengar are two different castes of Hindu Brahmins of Tamil origin. Iyers are followers of Adi Sankara who founded the Advaita philosophy, whereas Iyengars are followers of Sri Ramanuja who propounded the philosophy of Visishtaadvaita. The Iyer’s drape it in the traditional Madisar style.

How much fabric do I need for saree?

Standard Sarees : Length of a standard saree is 5.50 meters, approximately 6 yards. Width of saree is 1.15 meters (approx.). Length of blouse fabric is 80 cms approx. Lehenga style Saree : 430 x 110 cm (length x width) Approx 5 yards in length.

What is the meaning of nine yard saree?

The Kaashtha sari (Marathi: नऊवारी साडी) is a style of sari draping is very similar to the way the Maharashtrian dhoti is worn. The word Kaashtha refers to the sari being tucked at the back. Since this sari is usually worn by using a single nine yard cloth, it is also referred to as Nauvari which means Nine Yards.

How many yards is a saree?

A sari ranges from 3.5 yards to 9 yards in length The sari is most commonly thought to be 9 yards in length. But given the various draping styles, saris often require different lengths for different drapes.

When do Brahmin women wear Madisar saree?

Madisar saree is the traditional wear of Brahmin women in Tamil Nadu. A saree is called a pudavai in Tamil, so madisar saree becomes madisar pudavai. It is worn by married Gurukkal, Iyer and Iyyengar Brahmin ladies, especially on important occasions like marriage, Seemandham (a function for pregnant women), poojas and death ceremonies.

Which is the best way to Drap an Iyer Sari?

The Madisar is a distinctive way of draping the sari practiced by the Iyer and Iyengar women folk of the Tamil Brahmin community. Earlier, the madisar was to be worn after marriage, however, now, this drape is worn on special religious ceremonies and festive occasions.

Which is the best style of saree draping?

The Mumtaz style was popularized by the charming film star, Bollywood diva of yesteryear Mumtaz. This style of saree draping involves draping the saree tightly around your lower body several times to give it a narrow look that accentuates your figure.

Which is the difference between Iyer and Iyengar Madisar drapes?

Origin and History. The only difference between the Iyer and Iyengar madisar drapes is that the former place the pallu on their right shoulder whereas the latter place it on the left. Popular Southern actresses like Priyamani and Trisha are from Iyer families.

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