What does Coraline do to save her parents?

What does Coraline do to save her parents?

Coraline discovers that her real parents have been abducted by Other Mother and makes the brave decision to go back into the other world to save them. Coraline tells Black Cat a story about her father being brave by letting hornets sting him so she could run away.

How did Caroline save her parents?

She first calls the police, but they do not believe her. So Coraline, though frightened of returning, goes back to the Other World to confront the Other Mother and rescue her parents. Each had in the past let the Other Mother, whom they archaically refer to as the “beldam”, sew buttons over their eyes.

What happens in chapter 11 of Coraline?

Coraline holds the cat tight, and, as the other mother makes her way to the door, unlocks it, and pulls it open, Coraline begins stepping backwards toward the mantelpiece. The other mother flings the door open and gleefully tells Coraline that she’s wrong—and that now she’ll have to stay forever.

What happens in chapter 5 in Coraline?

Coraline goes to have tea with Miss Forcible and Miss Spink and she tells them that her parents are missing. Unfortunately, the two women think Coraline is just being silly. Just like everyone else, they ignore her. She has to fend for herself, so she goes to the store and buys some more food and drinks.

What is the moral lesson of Coraline?

The strong themes in this story are home, appreciating what you have, and courage. Coraline realizes in the story that her home, though imperfect, was the one she loves and would never leave. She also learns how to be strong and depend on herself to fight for those she loves.

What happens in chapter 12 of Coraline?

When Coraline wakes up early the next morning, she feels like something is moving and she hears the noises to match. She investigates, of course, and discovers that it’s – wait for it – the other mother’s right hand. Just her hand! That creepy, dismembered right hand is after the black key.

What does Coraline do with the black key?

The Key is a small black button-shaped key which opens the small door located in the drawing room that opens up the portal to the the other world, where Coraline Jones encounters Other Mother, who tries to lure her into a trap.

Why did Coraline’s parents disappear?

Let me explain. The main reason why Beldam kidnapped the parents was to lure Coraline back to the “Other World” and find new ways to trap the girl there. Having said that, it seems like Beldam’s powers work in both worlds. That’s the only way to explain how she could get her hands on the parents.

What happens in chapter 6 of Coraline?

Coraline puts the stone that Miss Spink and Miss Forcible gave her in her pocket; as she does this, she notices that her head starts to clear up a little. Finally, something good. Her other father refuses to say more, so Coraline goes exploring and finds a strange snow globe with two people inside it.

What’s the message in Coraline?

Cooking becomes a major theme throughout the movie because Coraline is always complaining about the lack of good food in the real world. She also complains that her real mom never cooks, so of course, her other mother cooks great meals all the time.

How does Coraline save her parents in the book?

After getting another message from them saying they’re going to be killed unless she saves them immediately, Coraline must rescue her parents from an alternate dimension before it’s too late. After Coraline begins to investigate the other world, she realizes that her other mother has trapped children in it.

Who are the characters in the book Coraline?

Coraline Summary. Coraline is a young girl who has just moved into a new apartment with her parents. As Coraline acclimates to her surroundings before the school year begins, she acquaints herself with her eccentric new neighbors. In the flat below Coraline’s apartment, two older women named Miss Spink and Miss Forcible live with their dogs.

Why are the children unable to escape Coraline?

The children explain that Coraline must liberate her parents, and they encourage her to flee quickly before she grows weaker. The children tell Coraline that they are unable to escape because the other mother has stolen their hearts. If any of the children are to step outside and come in contact with the sun, they would perish.

How does Coraline see her parents in the mirror?

She sees not only her reflection in it, but those of her mother and her father as well—they look “sad and alone,” and wave at her dejectedly. Coraline watches as her mother breathes on the mirror to fog it up, then writes “HELP US” in the steam with her finger. Soon, Coraline’s parents fade away.

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