What does Dislikeable mean?

What does Dislikeable mean?

or dislikeable. (adjective) in the sense of objectionable. Synonyms. objectionable. an objectionable, stuck-up young woman.

Is there a word Dislikeable?

To regard with distaste or aversion. n. An attitude or a feeling of distaste or aversion. dis·lik′a·ble, dis·like′a·ble adj.

Is it Dislikeable or unlikeable?

the difference would appear to be that an unlikeable thing is something you don’t or can’t like, and a dislikeable thing is something you could quite easily not like (but that you have no particular aversion to at the moment).

What is the definition of disfavor?

: to disapprove of or dislike (someone or something) : to make it more difficult for (a person, organization, etc.) to succeed or achieve something than it is for another person, organization, etc. See the full definition for disfavor in the English Language Learners Dictionary.

What does plateful mean?

1 : a quantity to fill a plate also : a generous helping. 2 : a large number or amount a plateful of problems.

How do you spell Dislikable?

Alternative spelling of dislikable.

What makes a person unlikeable?

Being too serious. People gravitate toward those who are passionate. That said, it’s easy for passionate people to come across as too serious or uninterested, because they tend to get absorbed in their work. Likable people balance their passion for their work with their ability to have fun.

How do you write an unlikeable character?

It’s like how you can’t be a good cartoonist until you’ve mastered life drawing.

  1. Surround unlikeable characters with characters who love them.
  2. If the hero is unlikeable, at least make them super competent.
  3. Make sure the audience understands motivation.
  4. Generate Twice As Much Empathy For An Antihero As For A Hero.

What does dissatisfactory mean?

causing dissatisfaction
: causing dissatisfaction. Synonyms & Antonyms Example Sentences Learn More About dissatisfactory.

What does have a full plate mean?

The idiom a full plate means that someone has enough to do and will not take on any additional workload, burden or responsibility.

How do you use the word plateful in a sentence?

Plateful sentence example The guy exuded confidence to the point where Dean felt as if he had just dropped a plateful of mashed potatoes in his lap while this tall, dark stranger was toasting the queen. After a misty sunrise, a plateful of pancakes and the first ten miles, his legs hit a nice smooth cadence.

What does it mean to dislike someone or something?

If you dislike someone or something, you find them unpleasant. From what I know of him I dislike him intensely. She disliked the theatre. In conversation and in less formal writing, you don’t normally use ‘dislike’.

Which is an example of a dislikable sentence?

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Who is the most dislikable person in the world?

— Amy Davidson Sorkin, The New Yorker, 20 Dec. 2020 Roberta is increasingly dislikable and decreasingly interesting, while Alice, through it all, is the sum of Ms. Streep’s blithe inventions and resourceful quirks, meaning a charming cipher. — Joe Morgenstern, WSJ, 10 Dec. 2020

Who is dislikable but not demonized in The New Yorker?

Throughout, Neumann is dislikable but not demonized. — The New Yorker, 7 Dec. 2020 Viewing opposing partisans as different, or even as dislikable or immoral, may not be problematic in isolation.

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