What does IFK mean when texting?

What does IFK mean when texting?

What does IFK stand for? There are a plethora of different definitions of IFK, but most commonly, the term is a piece of internet slang that stands for “I F***ing Know,” according to Urban Dictionary.

What does IFL mean on Instagram?

IFL Image Format Library Computing » General Computing Rate it:
IFL I Found Love Internet » Chat Rate it:
IFL Indoor Football League Sports » Football Rate it:
IFL IOOF Holdings Ltd Business » ASX Symbols Rate it:
IFL Integrated Forensic Laboratories Medical » Laboratory Rate it:

What is the full form of IFK?

IFK Full Form

Full Form Category Term
International Federation of Karate Sports IFK

What does ify mean?

I feel you
IFY is an acronym for I feel you. It’s occasionally used for I forgive you.

What does IFI stand for?


Acronym Definition
IFI Intensive Family Intervention (behavioral health)
IFI International Finance Institute
IFI International Fixed Income
IFI Istituti Finanziari Internazionali (Italian: International Financial Institutions)

What does you wanna get OTP mean?

One True Pairing
OTP, which stands for One True Pairing, is a term that signifies a person’s favorite fictional romantic relationship.

What does IFK stand for?

IFK stands for International Federation of Karate. Suggest new definition. This definition appears somewhat frequently and is found in the following Acronym Finder categories: Organizations, NGOs, schools, universities, etc.

What does IFK mean in texting?

IFK stands for “Indirect Free Kick”. How to abbreviate “Indirect Free Kick”? “Indirect Free Kick” can be abbreviated as IFK. What is the meaning of IFK abbreviation? The meaning of IFK abbreviation is “Indirect Free Kick”.

What does IFK mean in text?

The meaning of IFK abbreviation is “Indirect Free Kick”. What is IFK abbreviation? One of the definitions of IFK is “Indirect Free Kick”. What does IFK mean? IFK as abbreviation means “Indirect Free Kick”. What is shorthand of Indirect Free Kick? The most common shorthand of “Indirect Free Kick” is IFK.

What does ifkr mean in texting?

“IKR” is popular internet slang you often see on social media and in one-on-one texts or chats. If you want to know what it means, where it came from, and how to use it in conversation, we’ve got the skinny. What Does It Mean? IKR is an abbreviation for the phrase, “I know, right?”

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