What does Olla stand for?

What does Olla stand for?


Acronym Definition
OLLA Only Lovers Left Alive (film)
OLLA Our Lady of Lourdes Academy (Miami, Florida)
OLLA Organic LEDs for ICT and Lighting Applications (Europe)
OLLA Office of Lend-Lease Administration (US circa WWII)

Is Olla a word?

A pot used for cooling water by evaporation in Latin America. (southwestern us) A rounded earthenware pot or jar, used especially for cooking or for carrying water. …

Is Olla a Scrabble word?

Yes, olla is in the scrabble dictionary.

What does Oola mean in Spanish?

0. votes. “Hola” means hello. In Spanish, the “h” is always silent. ” Ola” means “wave.”

How do I pronounce olla?


  1. oh. yah.
  2. o. ʝa.
  3. o. lla.

What does Ola mean in French?

[oˈla] exclamation. hello! Copyright © 2014 by HarperCollins Publishers.

What does the Latin word olla mean in Latin?

Ollas have short wide necks and wider bellies, resembling beanpots or handis . The Latin word olla or aulla (also aula) meant a very similar type of pot in Ancient Roman pottery, used for cooking and storage as well as a funerary urn to hold the ashes from cremation of bodies.

Which is better a large olla or a small olla?

Large ollas, with a capacity of (say) 11 liters, will water longer than a smaller 1 liter olla, for example. Olla, or clay pot, irrigation is considered the most efficient watering system by many, since the plants are never over- or under-watered, saving from 50% to 70% in water, according to Farmer’s Almanac.

What happens to an olla when it is filled with water?

When an unglazed olla is filled with water, the water permeates the clay walls of the vessel, causing the olla to “sweat”. The evaporation of the sweat cools the olla and its contents. In the early 20th century, many ranches in the American Southwest used the practice of hanging an olla from a rope on the verandah in a shady, breezy spot.

How many liters of water does an olla need?

How far out the water is pulled depends on the size of the olla and the quality of the soil. Dense soil (clay) does not water out as far as good soil. Large ollas, with a capacity of (say) 11 liters, will water longer than a smaller 1 liter olla, for example.

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