What does Oxeon do?

What does Oxeon do?

Our work is based on our foundational mission: to make people healthier. We recruit the CEOs and Leadership Teams for technology and service companies transforming the US Healthcare system. Our investment funds provide strategic capital to growth stage healthcare companies.

Is Oxeon a word?

“Oxeon” is the Greek word for relationships. We are inspired by how relationships can drive new jobs, investments, business development opportunities, or just a simple introduction between people.

Who is Trevor Price?

Trevor Price is the founder & CEO of Oxeon Holdings, the parent company of Oxeon Partners, a retained executive search firm serving high growth companies transforming the US healthcare system, and Oxeon Ventures, a de novo lab building innovative technology-enabled healthcare services businesses.

How old is Trevor Pryce?

46 years (August 3, 1975)
Trevor Pryce/Age

What do you need to know about Oxeon energy?

OxEon Energy’s technology suite enables energy storage solutions capable of breaking long accepted limitations in the renewable energy market. Our focus on component and systems development establishes revolutionary and accessible pathways to bring the implementation of renewable energy Beyond Current Potential. ™

Who are Oxeon partners and what do they do?

They’re a partner, through and through. And in addition to finding Omada talent, they’ve introduced us to potential investors, distributors and customers.”

What is the brand name for Oxeon materials?

Towards the composites industry Oxeon materials is sold under the brand name TeXtreme ® . Please visit the TeXtreme® website, to learn more about our Spred Tow reinforcements for the composites industry.

What is the potential of the Oxeon stack?

This development history has led to a ruggedized, hermetic stack design that will be capable of utilizing electricity for the production of high purity oxygen, hydrogen, or syngas. The OxEon design will enable energy storage solutions capable of addressing the many challenges facing the integration of renewable energy sources.

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