What does the symbol 888 stand for?

What does the symbol 888 stand for?

In Christian numerology, the number 888 represents Jesus, or sometimes more specifically Christ the Redeemer. For this reason, addresses and phone numbers containing the digit sequence 888 are considered particularly lucky, and may command a premium because of it.

What does 888 in the Bible mean?

Meaning of 888 Eight following seven denotes something immediately following fulfillment and usually means a new beginning or a period of renewal. It can represent financial abundance as well as familial abundance. The number eight has a very important biblical meaning in the scriptures.

What does a Jesus tattoo mean?

Jesus tattoos are a symbol of power, faith and love which can relate to religious reasons or just symbolize life. However, for some people, it just shows a sign of hope. The most popular imagery is Christ with the crown of thorns. One of the most popular designs is the head of Jesus.

What does the 8 pointed star tattoo mean?

In some ancient mythologies, the 8-pointed star represented Anu, the god of the heavens. This variation of an eight-pointed star is Star of Lakshmi in Hindu tradition. It represents eight kinds of wealth: victory, patience, health, knowledge, nourishment, prosperity, mobility, plus the usual riches.

What do tattoo stars on shoulders mean?

Stars on the shoulders show that an inmate is a criminal ‘authority’. The medals are awards that existed before the revolution and as such are signs of defiance towards the Soviet regime. The skull and crossbones show that a prisoner is serving a life sentence.

What does the tattoo of Jesus on the cross mean?

There are various designs and meanings associated with sacred Jesus tattoo design and the sign of Jesus hanging on the cross used on the tattoo design below expresses the painful death that Jesus underwent. Having such a design can be perceived to demonstrate that the wearer identifies with the pain and suffering of Jesus.

Which is the most powerful tattoo of Jesus?

Sacred Jesus tattoo are perceived as one of the most powerful tattoos with many zealous christian people identifying with it. These designs are worn by both men and women and holds all the power of belief, faith and hope within it. It shows a definite leaning towards Christianity though some have been vocal opposing tattoos of this type.

Can a sacred Jesus tattoo be worn by a woman?

Wearing the sacred tattoo design like the one below sends the information that the wearer has a strong belief in the Christian faith. Sacred Jesus tattoo designs can be worn by both men and women and the kind of features used with the design is what makes the design ideal for men or for women.

What does the number 888 mean in Hebrew?

Jesus is crucified on the cross by three nails and the numerical value of the word nails in Greek is 888: H L W N 8 30 800 50 = 888. The numerical value of the Hebrew word ADVN ENPLAVE, meaning Lord of the miracles, gives 888.

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