What does Willdan do?

What does Willdan do?

Willdan is a leading, nationwide provider of comprehensive solutions that help organizations evolve and thrive as natural resources and infrastructure change. We have experts in energy, engineering, safety, financial and strategic planning, microgrids, and software.

Who owns Willdan?

Willdan Group

Type Public
Key people Thomas D. Brisbin (Chairman & CEO) Michael A. Bieber (President) Stacy B. McLaughlin (Vice President & CFO) Daniel Chow (COO)
Revenue US$ 272.25 million (2018)
Operating income US$ 12.77 million (2018)
Net income US$ 10.03 million (2018)

What happened Lime Energy?

(NASDAQ: WLDN) announced today the completion of its previously announced acquisition of Lime Energy Co. (“Lime Energy”), a national provider of innovative energy solutions for utilities and their commercial customers.

Where are the offices of the Willdan Group?

The company operates offices in more than a dozen states, with its key operations in California and New York. The primary markets Willdan serves are: energy engineering; infrastructure and transportation; municipal engineering, planning, and staff augmentation; economic and financial analysis.

What do you need to know about Willdan engineering?

Willdan will guide your project from its initial analysis phase, through design and construction, to post-inspection, with a focus on safety and compliance. Willdan has been performing engineering services for more than 55 years and has a team of subject-matter experts to serve all aspects of engineering projects.

What can Willdan do for your business plan?

Willdan facilitates in-depth economic and strategic planning for our clients to ensure project success. We offer financing and revenue optimization, planning, risk assessment, and policy services to support your short-term and long-term goals.

What does Willdan home do for a living?

We believe in helping organizations and their communities evolve and thrive as resources and infrastructure change. Willdan is a leading, nationwide provider of trusted, comprehensive solutions that are supported by our talented team of experts and advanced software applications.


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