What happened to Blitz gas cans?

What happened to Blitz gas cans?

Blitz, based in Miami, Okla., and formerly the nation’s largest manufacturer of plastic gas cans, is now in bankruptcy and out of business, largely because of the lawsuits and previous payouts to victims of alleged gas can explosions.

Do they still make Blitz gas cans?

The company, founded as U.S. Metal Container, started by selling olive-drab “jerry cans” to the U.S. military. Those red plastic fuel containers are ubiquitous, especially during the summer, when landscaping crews are out in full force. But Blitz has filed for bankruptcy and will shut its doors at the end of the month.

Who bought Blitz gas can company?

But the Blitz factory, in Miami, Okla., may be reopening soon. Scepter, a Canadian plastics manufacturer, bought the operation for $9.5 million and may rehire at least some of the laid-off workers. Philip Monckton, a Scepter vice president, said the company did not use flame arresters on the cans it made in Canada.

Is Blitz still in business?

THE FACTS BEHIND THE BLITZ USA BANKRUPTCY August 9, 2012 – Blitz USA, recently announced that it is closing its doors after nearly fifty years in operation.

How many gas cans are sold each year?

Based on industry and government data, it is estimated that there are 9.2 million residential gas cans and almost 600,000 commercial gas cans in California. About 1.9 million new gas cans are sold each year in the state.

Is it illegal to carry a jerry can?

Yes, it is legal. However, some filling stations may have their own local rules about filling portable fuel cans. These rules may cover the size and number of cans that are allowed to be filled.

Who owns the rights to NFL Blitz?

EA Sports
Following the dissolution of Midway, EA Sports acquired the rights to the Blitz name and relaunched the series on PlayStation Network and Xbox Live with a new entry in the series simply titled NFL Blitz.

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On 9 August 2018, the Guardia di Finanza intercepted research ship Remus (Panama-flagged) in the Mediterranean Sea. The ship was taken to Palermo in Sicily for further investigation, according to Guardia di Finanza.

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