What hotels are part of RCI?

What hotels are part of RCI?

7083 Resorts

  • 24 North Hotel #RGI6. Key West, FL 33040, USA.
  • 24 North Hotel – 3 Nights #RGI7. Key West, FL 33040, USA.
  • 24 North Hotel – 5 Nights #RGI8. Key West, FL 33040, USA.
  • 30 Bencoolen Hotel – 3 Nights #R007.
  • 30 Bencoolen Hotel – 4 Nights #R008.
  • 4 Seasons at Beech #6023.
  • 4 Seasons at Desert Breezes #2512.

Is RCI owned by Wyndham?

RCI is part of Wyndham Destinations (NYSE:WYND). For additional information, visit our media center or rciaffiliates.com.

Is Dae owned by RCI?

DAE, which has established a strong loyal consumer base, will continue to run as an independent brand and be marketed separately from RCI. The acquisition of DAE will expand RCI’s exchange offerings to reach a new pool of timeshare owners.

How much does it cost to deposit a week with RCI?

RCI Weeks Fees United States effective March 12, 2021

Annual RCI Weeks Subscription Fees You Save Approx. (USD)
Deposit Restore $69
Unit Upgrades and Changes $49
Managing your Exchange Vacations USD
Guest Certificate $89

How does RCI membership work?

RCI Weeks membership offers timeshare owners at RCI-affiliated resorts the opportunity to deposit their owned week(s) into our Exchange Holiday programme – and book another of the same value (or more weeks away at resorts of a lesser value), for an exchange fee, regardless of the size of the property, location or …

Can you get out of Wyndham timeshare?

Am I truly out of my Wyndham Timeshare? Yes! Once you have completed the process of surrendering your Wyndham Ownership back to Wyndham, you are no longer an owner and no longer have any yearly maintenance fee obligations!

Are RCI and Wyndham the same?

RCI is part of Wyndham Destination Network and the Wyndham Worldwide family of brands.

What is 7Across?

7Across is a global leader in direct-to-consumer timeshare exchange, offering owners a FREE membership to exchange their timeshare for new travel experiences. We offer a simple 1:1 exchange model so you can Get Your Travel On by minimizing the fees and fine print standing in your way.

What companies are affiliated with RCI?

RCI, formerly known as Resort Condominiums International, is the largest vacation exchange company in the world for timeshare owners….Many of the world’s top timeshare brands are affiliated with RCI such as:

  • Hilton Grand Vacations Club.
  • Wyndham.
  • Disney Vacation Club.
  • Holiday Inn Club Vacations.

Is Wyndham Resorts part of RCI?

What is the largest timeshare company?

Wyndham Destinations
About Wyndham Destinations As the world’s largest vacation ownership and exchange company, Wyndham Destinations offers everyday travelers the opportunity to own, exchange or rent their vacation experience while enjoying the quality, flexibility and value that Wyndham delivers.

How does RCI work as a timeshare?

Essentially, RCI works by allowing buyers who have either a fixed or floating week (s) to use in various timeshare resorts across the globe to enter into their exchange programme which allows them to holiday in different destinations. A fixed week simply means you purchase the same week to holiday in each year, whereas a floating week can be moved around, with some level of flexibility, to suit the holiday-maker, but both ‘types of week’ can be compatible with RCI exchange programmes.

What are RCI timeshare points?

Depending on what kind of timeshare you own, you can receive a predetermined amount of RCI points each year to use on timeshare exchanges. RCI points give prospective timeshare buyers an idea of how much a certain timeshare will be worth on the exchange market, turning points into a method of rating RCI-affiliated timeshares.

What is RCI points membership?

RCI Points membership offers timeshare owners at RCI-affiliated resorts the opportunity to swap their ownership week for an allocation of points. Together with an exchange fee, your points can be used to book exchange holidays at RCI-affiliated resorts or for RCI Points Partners products, including car hire,…

What is RCI travel?

RCI Travel, RCI and ICE do not endorse any hotel or resort activities, guides, vendors, or service providers described. It is the individual’s responsibility to investigate the safety and suitability of any activity and credentials and fitness of any guide, vendor, or service provider.

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