What is a lug Bowl?

What is a lug Bowl?

Lugged Soup Bowls, also known as Lug Bowls, are a smaller type of Soup Bowl, about 4.5 to 5.5 inches in diameter with a 2.5 inch deep well, They take their propper name from the 2 small, flange-like. lugs, or handles, on either side of the bowl.

What is a Breton Coffee Bowl?

This Breton styled dish is a lovely traditional French ceramic display piece and great little bowl for cereal, fruit or ice cream. Features either a Breton man or Woman. In France there is a custom to give a child a bowl with his or her name painted on it.

What lug means?

1 : to pull with effort : tug. 2 : to move heavily or by jerks the car lugs on hills. 3 of a racehorse : to swerve from the course toward or away from the inside rail.

What is the difference between porcelain and faience?

When porcelain is struck, it gives of a metalic bell-like sound, while faience gives off a dull sound that can sound a bit like hard plastic. The reason for this is that porcelain at its higher burning temperature and due to its material composition is more tightly set together.

Who are the only manufacturers of Quimper pottery?

There were three dominant pottery studios that you may choose to look for when collecting Quimper pottery on eBay. The only manufacturer left in the region making Quimper pottery is Henriot.

What can you find on Quimper on eBay?

Animal statues – When looking at Quimper on eBay, you may see a variety of animal statues, including hens, pigs, and rabbits. You may also see eggs featuring flowers or Breton women or men. Lamps – Candlestick lamps with Breton couples and flowers on them are common, but you can often find other designs on Quimper pottery.

Where is the Quimper faience made in France?

The tin-glazed handpainted French faience known as Quimper Pottery, pronounced “cam-pair” has been manufactured in Quimper, a town in Brittany, France for over 300 years.

When was Henriot Quimper sold to the US?

The company was sold to a US family in 1984. Today, Henriot Quimper continues the tradition producing the traditional patterns featuring the Breton figures as well as many new more modern designs. The superbly talented resident artists at Henriot still hand-craft every piece of Quimper Pottery.

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