What is a peak lapel tuxedo?

What is a peak lapel tuxedo?

Peak lapels are slightly wider than notch lapels, with edges that “peak” upward toward your face. Originally seen in highly formal, highly traditional garments like tailcoats, the peak lapel has since made its way into tuxedo and suit jackets alike.

What is a peaked lapel?

In a peak lapel, the tip of the lapel points upwards, standing proud from the collar. It is considered more formal and is perhaps most commonly found on double-breasted and dinner jackets. The formality may come from the fact that being able to cut a peak lapel is also considered one of the hardest tasks in tailoring.

What lapel should a tuxedo have?

There are three main types of lapels including a notch lapel (most common for suits), a peak lapel (used in both suits and tuxedos) and a shawl lapel used almost exclusively for tuxedos).

What is the purpose of a lapel?

Lapels play an important role in the overall appearance of a men’s suit jacket or coat. Consisting of a folded piece of cloth on the front of the upper chest area, they are formed by folding over the jacket, at which point they are sewn directly into the collar.

Do peak lapels make you look taller?

A peak(ed) lapel is also the lapel of choice for shorter gentlemen and larger gentlemen, since the lapel has the effect of making you look taller, and looking taller has the effect of making you look slimmer.

Is it OK to wear suspenders with a cummerbund?

Suspenders, however, can be worn with a cummerbund. The suspenders should be put on first, followed by the cummerbund on top. As far as suspenders colors go, black is always an option. If you’re wearing a colored cummerbund (pink, purple, green, etc.), the suspenders can match your bow tie and cummerbund.

What kind of Tuxedo has peak lapel?

When you think of the most ‘traditional’ looking tuxedo, the peak lapel tuxedo is what should come to mind. Yes, shawl lapel tuxedos exist, look nice, and can be a bit more fun (especially when worn as a dinner jacket with contrast colored pants), but formalwear doesn’t get more classic than a black peak tuxedo.

What does it mean to wear a peak lapel?

The ‘peak’ references the top of the lapel, where the lapel juts out at an angle, creating the appearance of a ‘peak’. The peak lapel is the more classic and formal variety of the lapel when compared to the notch and connotes a certain gravitas in stature and presence. How To Wear a Peak Lapel Suit

Where are the lapels located on a jacket?

The lapel is located on the front of a coat or jacket and sits just below the collar. The ‘peak’ references the top of the lapel, where the lapel juts out at an angle, creating the appearance of a ‘peak’.

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