What is a Type 7 logon?

What is a Type 7 logon?

Logon type 7: Unlock. An event with logon type = 7 occurs when a user unlocks (or attempts to unlock) a previously locked workstation. Note that when a user unlocks computer, Windows creates a new logon session (or 2 logon sessions depending on the elevation conditions) and immediately closes it (with event 4634).

Is RDP logon Type 3?

According to my knowledge and test, the Logon Type value = 3 is expected for Terminal Service and RDP. You will get this logon type 3 when you are using NLA (Network Layer Authentication) as the authentication type since it will try and pre-authenticate you prior to giving you RDP access.

How many types of logon are there?

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Logon type # Examples
Network 3 NET USE; RPC calls; Remote registry; IIS integrated Windows auth; SQL Windows auth;
Batch 4 Scheduled tasks
Service 5 Windows services
NetworkCleartext 8 IIS Basic Auth (IIS 6.0 and newer); Windows PowerShell with CredSSP

What is Windows event4624?

Event ID 4624 (viewed in Windows Event Viewer) documents every successful attempt at logging on to a local computer. This event is generated on the computer that was accessed, in other words, where the logon session was created. A related event, Event ID 4625 documents failed logon attempts.

What is a logon GUID?

Logon GUID is a unique identifier that can be used to correlate this event with a KDC event. Transited services indicate which intermediate services have participated in this logon request. Package name indicates which sub-protocol was used among the NTLM protocols.

What is logon locally?

When you grant an account the Allow logon locally right, you are allowing that account to log on locally to all domain controllers in the domain. If the Users group is listed in the Allow log on locally setting for a GPO, all domain users can log on locally. The Users built-in group contains Domain Users as a member.

What is a logon session?

A logon session is a computing session that begins when a user authentication is successful and ends when the user logs off of the system. This token includes, among other things, a locally unique identifier (LUID) for the logon session, called the logon Id.

What does logon Type 7 mean in Windows 10?

– In most cases, this logon type occurs when a user unlock the password protected workstation screen, Windows treats this logon as logon type 7. If your entered valid password, the event 4624 logged in workstation event log with logon type 7 and if you entered wrong password, the event 4625 will be logged with logon type 7.

What does logon Type 3 on event log mean?

Logon type 3: Network. A user or computer logged on to this computer from the network. The description of this logon type clearly states that the event logged when somebody accesses a computer from the network.

What does it mean when logon Type 5 fails?

Failed logon events with logon type 5 usually indicate the password of an account has been changed without updating the service but there’s always the possibility of malicious users at work too.

What’s the difference between logon type 2 and 11?

This logon type is similar to 2 (Interactive) but a user connects the computer from a remote machine via RDP (using Remote Desktop, Terminal Services or Remote Assistance). Logon type 11: CachedInteractive. A user logged on to this computer with network credentials that were stored locally on the computer.

What is the event ID for logon?

Event ID 4624
Event ID 4624 (viewed in Windows Event Viewer) documents every successful attempt at logging on to a local computer. This event is generated on the computer that was accessed, in other words, where the logon session was created.

What are the different logon types?

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Logon type # Authenticators accepted
Interactive (also known as, Logon locally) 2 Password, Smartcard, other
Network 3 Password, NT Hash, Kerberos ticket
Batch 4 Password (stored as LSA secret)
Service 5 Password (stored as LSA secret)

What is Substatus code 0xC0000064?

Failure Information\Sub Status 0xC0000064 – “User logon with misspelled or bad user account”.

What is 0x3e7 logon ID?

When you access a Windows server on the network, the relevant Logon/Logoff events appear in the server’s Security log. Do not confuse this with the Logon ID field in the Subject section; the latter displays the logon ID (0x3e7 in our example below) of the computer or server on which the event is recorded.

What is Event ID 4672?

The good news is that Windows provides event ID 4672, which is logged whenever an account signs in with admin user rights. Event ID 4672 contains valuable information, such as user name, computer name and privileges, and logon session ID.

What is special logon in Event Viewer?

The use of a special logon, which is a logon that has administrator-equivalent privileges and can be used to elevate a process to a higher level. A logon by a member of a Special Group. Special Groups enable you to audit events generated when a member of a certain group has logged on to your network.

Why is %% 2313 failure?

The Failure reason mentioned in the FailureReason %%2313 means – Unknown user name or bad password (529). Could you please makesure your domain name or domain controller are correct.

What is causing event ID 4625?

Event ID 4625 (viewed in Windows Event Viewer) documents every failed attempt at logging on to a local computer. This event is generated on the computer from where the logon attempt was made. A related event, Event ID 4624 documents successful logons.

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