What is agena MassARRAY System?

What is agena MassARRAY System?

The MassARRAY® System is an open platform that can grow with your lab and simplify the genetic testing process with easy-to-interpret data, fast turn-around times, and broad genetic coverage. Available in 96 and 384-well plate formats.

What does Agena Bioscience do?

Agena Bioscience enables laboratories worldwide. to deliver affordable targeted genomic testing. Our advanced genetic platform delivers timely, accurate and easy-to-interpret results, to improve decision-making and laboratory economics.

How does MassARRAY work?

MassARRAY SNP Genotyping amplifies the DNA sequence across the SNP site by PCR, and then uses a single extension primer to amplify PCR products, ensuring that the primer extends only one base.

What is SpectroChip?

SpectroChip can be embedded in handheld devices or in smart phones to perform spectral sensing of test strips and reagents, which can reveal the personal biological data as well as all sorts of test items. Hundreds to thousands items can be detected based on current available test strips and reagents.

What does Agena mean?

[ uh-jee-nuh ] SHOW IPA. / əˈdʒi nə / PHONETIC RESPELLING. noun Rocketry. a U.S. upper stage, with a restartable liquid-propellant engine, used with various booster stages to launch satellites into orbit around the earth and send probes to the moon and planets: also used as a docking target in the Gemini program.

What happened to the Agena spacecraft?

The two satellites were released at an alititude of around 800 kilometers. Exactly at that altitude we find the old spent Agena upper stage from this launch. Thanks to the considerable altitude, it is still in orbit after 50 years. I captured the Agena in September 2011 with a 10 inch reflecting telescope on video.

Can PCR detect SNP?

Single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) can be detected via allele-specific PCR, using either primers or probes. Several techniques are available for detecting SNPs, including hyperchromicity, intercalating dyes, colorimetric or fluorescent dye detection and fluorescence polarization melting curve analysis.

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