What is Atlassian Crucible used for?

What is Atlassian Crucible used for?

Atlassian Crucible is the on-premises code review solution for enterprise teams. It allows your development teams to catch major defects, improve code architecture, and discuss desired improvements, without the need for meetings.

How do I create a Crucible review in Jira?

To create a review from a Jira issue:

  1. Go to the Jira issue that relates to the work to be reviewed.
  2. Click Commits in the Development panel.
  3. Click the Fisheye / Crucible tab.
  4. Start the process for creating a review for either a single commit, or for all the commits related to the Jira issue.

How do you use crucible?

For use, a crucible needs to be placed over some heat source, and filled with water. This can include a fire block (such as from burning netherrack), a lava block, or the magical flame Nitor. Once the water begins boiling, the crucible is ready for use.

What is the difference between fisheye and crucible?

Fisheye and Crucible are two separate products that are highly integrated with one another. Fisheye provides the ability to browse, search, and report from your repository data as it has the ability to index your entire repository history. Crucible, on the other hand, provides code review features.

How to create a review in Crucible server?

This page provides an overview of the steps to create a review in Crucible: Create a review. Add content to the review. Choose the reviewers. Complete other details for the review. Start the review.

How do you add a patch to a crucible review?

Create a patch file for the code changes and then add the patch to the review. Crucible also supports iterative reviews – you can update the review content with new versions. The reviewer can see the different versions of the files, so they can understand the changes that have been made.

What does statement of objective mean in Crucible?

The ‘Statement of Objective’ is a brief description of what the review is intended to achieve. Crucible does not dictate how or what to review. It simply provides a mechanism to record comments. When you first start Crucible, the Dashboard shows your current reviews and other activity related to you.

How to add SCM changesets to a crucible review?

Click Browse changesets in the ‘Add content to Review’ dialog to add SCM changesets to your review. By default, Crucible displays a list of the review creator ‘s changesets. You can see other changesets using the following options: The repositories that contain files that can be reviewed.

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