What is hybrid seed corn?

What is hybrid seed corn?

Hybrid seed corn is produced by crossing a female parent which is male-sterile and therefore incapable of self-pollination with a male parent as the pollen donor. The majority of hybrid seed corn is produced by mechanical detasseling which involves physically removing the tassel, a process that is laborious and costly.

What seed brands does Syngenta own?

“My family history with Syngenta can be traced back to four of the legacy brands — Funk Seed, Golden Harvest, AgriPro and Garst — that eventually became part of Syngenta.”

What are the benefits of hybrid corn?

Hybrid seeds have some advantages: they are easier and faster to grow, they adapt better to stress, and they produce plants with larger fruit, higher yields, disease resistance, and longer shelf life than heirlooms.

Which state grows the best sweetcorn?

Florida is the biggest producer of fresh-market sweet corn in America; its sweet corn crops constitute a $150 million industry.

Why are hybrid seeds bad?

The problem with hybrid seeds is that they cannot be used for reproduction. If you take seed from a plant grown from a hybrid, chances are the seed will be sterile. If you are lucky enough to get one to grow, it will not produce the same hybrid as the parent plant. Nature has created many varieties of the same plant.

Does hybrid seeds require more water?

Hybrid crops are also more input-demanding, whether for water or nutrients; have specific requirements which need to be met in order for the plant to ‘perform’; are not as healthy or hardy; are often highly pest- and disease-prone; and importantly cannot produce seeds that are true to the parent plant, or may even …

What are the problems with hybrid seeds?

Problems Encountered Hybrid seed production requires considerable technical skill. This makes hybrid seed production a tedious and costly affair. The exploitation of full potential of hybrid varieties requires an adequate supply of irrigation water and fertilizer, and control of weeds, diseases and insect pests.

What do you need to know about Syngenta corn?

Try Acuron. Calculate what those extra bushels could mean for your revenue potential with Acuron ® corn herbicide. View local test plots and find yield results in your area. Read about last year’s winners and learn more about how Syngenta invests in the future of ag. Improve productivity with an integrated approach to farm management.

Where can I buy Syngenta Enogen feed hybrids?

Enogen Feed hybrids are available from select Golden Harvest Seed Advisors and NK seed retailers. 1 Growers must comply with specific yet simple stewardship requirements. All photos are the property of Syngenta unless otherwise noted. ©2017 Syngenta.

Where can I buy Syngenta vegetable seeds in the US?

Syngenta brand seeds are available through authorized dealers in the United States and Canada. At Syngenta Vegetable Seeds, we invest heavily in research and development to meet grower needs and help overcome challenges. Papaya ringspot virus (PRSV) threatens papaya and cucurbits in all regions of the world where these crops are cultivated.

What are the benefits of Syngenta features plus technology?

Very high yield potential, responds very well to high management conditions. Features Plus technology combines the leading genetics of NK brand corn hybrid seeds with Syngenta’s proprietary seed treatment technology to deliver higher yields and ROI to growers.

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