What is sentence of bough?

What is sentence of bough?

any of the larger branches of a tree. 1 The bough that bears most, hangs lowest. 2 I rested my fishing rod against a pine bough. 3 Ranulf swallowed nervously as the bough hit the ground. 4 Sykes was dangling a small bough over its nose, possibly an olive branch, perhaps its elevenses.

How do you use abashed in a sentence?

Abashed Sentence Examples

  1. He was pleased at the gratitude he received, but felt abashed at receiving it.
  2. Mavra Kuzminichna grew abashed and confused.
  3. Abashed by this question, I replied that sloth was my chief temptation.

What does abashed mean in a sentence?

: made to feel uncomfortable, disconcerted, or embarrassed by something that has happened or been done or said I stood back, abashed, wondering what I’d done wrong …— Paula Fox.

What is the antonym of bough?

What is the opposite of bough?

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What is unabashedly?

unabashed n-uh-BASHT\ adjective. : not embarrassed or ashamed by something that has happened or been done or said : undisguised, unapologetic.

What part of speech is abashed?

transitive verb

part of speech: transitive verb
inflections: abashes, abashing, abashed

Does abashed mean ashamed?

ashamed or embarrassed; disconcerted: My clumsiness left me abashed.

What blotted means?

1 : to spot, stain, or spatter with a discoloring substance. 2 obsolete : mar especially : to stain with infamy. 3a : to dry (something, such as writing) with an absorbing agent hastily blotted her letter.

What does abashed mean in the English Dictionary?

If you are abashed, you feel embarrassed and ashamed. He looked abashed, uncomfortable. COBUILD Advanced English Dictionary. Copyright © HarperCollins Publishers

How did Vangelis get the word’abashed’?

I felt a bit abashed, edging past her with my shoes as high above my head as I could carry them. Vangelis hardly answered: he seemed abashed by their vigour, and reluctant to remember. sail or sale?

Is the Marquise half abashed or fully abashed?

No; there I stood, half-astonished, half- abashed while the Marquise continued on her knees and made her silent orisons. Yielding to the advice of his friends, he put on it a price the amount of which abashed him. The man drew back abashed, perhaps ashamed, for his dark face flushed.

What does it mean to be not abashed by errors?

If possible, be not abashed by one or two errors at the first plunge—swim on till you have confidence. His colleague looks abashed, like a schoolboy caught in a naughty act. Why Do “Left” And “Right” Mean Liberal And Conservative?

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