What is the best lurcher cross?

What is the best lurcher cross?

For the ultimate rabbiting dog, a large racing whippet crossed with a Bedlington terrier has many supporters. If, however, you want a dog that can tackle almost any legal quarry, then a bigger, more powerful greyhound x collie or even deerhound x collie might well fit the bill.

What two dogs make a lurcher?

Lurchers are usually a cross between a sighthound breed – such as Greyhound, Saluki or Whippet – and a Collie or Terrier. Because they’re a mixed breed, no two Lurchers are the same – in looks or temperament.

Is a lurcher a good family dog?

Nowadays, Lurchers are becoming very popular as they make exceptional family dogs. They are generally good with children, gentle, loving, very affectionate and loyal.

Are Lurchers obedient?

They find noise actively unpleasant, so echoing halls or barking dogs can stress them to the point of wanting to run away, or else they shut down completely. They are, however, very trainable if they trust you and can see the point of whatever you want them to do.

Are lurchers high maintenance?

When people think of greyhounds or lurchers, they conjure up images of super-fast, competitive dogs speeding off in pursuit of a small fluffy animal. So it’s no surprise that we assume these types of dogs are high maintenance, aloof and need huge amounts of exercise.

Do Lurchers like long walks?

Lurchers require at least two walks a day, and need the option to stretch their legs out for at least one of their walks. “Jessie and Alfie don’t need masses of exercise – one good, long walk a day followed by lounging around at home is perfect for them.” – Aurelian, owner of Jessie and Alfie.

How are dogs at Lurcher link taken care of?

All the dogs that come into our rescue are assessed prior to rehoming and are vaccinated, neutered, microchipped, given a full vet health check and treated for parasites. Some dogs that come to us need extra veterinary care, which is why we are continuously fundraising.

Who are the Irish Wolfhounds at Gentle Giants?

Bentley: Woodle Schnoodle – Incredible black Irish Wolfhound Giant Schnauzer Poodle – Bentley’s owners moved where they couldn’t have a dog and brought him to a shelter. We rescued him on his last day. He is a loving, sweet, exuberant, big boy puppy.

How old is bond the Irish wolfhound puppy?

Bond is a gorgeous 6 month old Wheaten fawn Irish Wolfhound Greyhound puppy who wound up in shelter with his brother Sherlock. We rescued these two big babies who are adorable and loving and sweet to all. They are seeking the best homes where they will be loved and cherished and happy and safe for life!

How old is Woodle Doodle the Irish Wolfhound?

Watson: Woodle Doodle – Watson is a”Woodle Doodle” (Irish Wolfhound Great Dane Poodle). He has to be one of the most incredibly adorable and gorgeous big babies we have ever seen! He is 9 months old and loving and unique.

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