What is the best size spinning reel for bass fishing?

What is the best size spinning reel for bass fishing?

The size 2500 is probably the best spinning reel for bass by size as it strikes a decent balance between light weight and still having a decent line capacity and drag system. They will generally hold monofilament line up to 8 lbs and braid up to 12 lbs which are a good match to most light weight rigs and small lures.

Is the Penn Battle 3 sealed?

With the machined gears, 5 sealed bearings, all-metal body, rotor, and spool; the Penn Battle 3 is genuinely built to last and to perform.

What is the difference between Penn Battle 2 and Battle 3?

The Fierce III has 4 stainless steel bearings, plus 1 rotor bearing, while the Battle II has 5 sealed stainless steel bearings, plus 1 rotor bearing. While the ball bearings of the Fierce are open, those of the Battle are sealed with a rubber seal, protecting them much better against corrosion.

What is the difference between a Penn Battle 2 and Battle 3?

How big is a Penn Battle 2 Reel?

The Battle II has gone as low as size 1000 on their the lightest model. This size will be good pick for freshwater use. Also Penn added a 2500 size that would hopefully fill the cap between the first Battle sizes of 2000 and 4000. 2500 got the size and 2000 body but with a bigger rotor and spool. All of them fall into the medium-high gear ratio.

What kind of washer does Penn Battle II use?

The Battle II has Penn’s HT-100 Versa-Drag washers keyed into the spool, which allows both sides of each drag washer to be used. This gives the Battle II higher max drags.

How much Mono does a Penn battle 8000 hold?

Choose from versions including the Penn Battle 4000, which can hold 270 yards of 8-pound mono, and the Penn Battle 8000, which can spool up 340 yards of 20-pound-test monofilament. For a great Penn Battle 5000 deal or any of its cousins, look no further than TackleDirect.

Are there ball bearings in Penn Battle 2?

5 Sealed Ball Bearings One less than the 1st generation Battle. However, this time they are not shielded Instead they are sealed stainless steel ball bearings. This in return adds extra durability in saltwater by preventing water intrusion.

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