What is the book the Mystical City of God about?

What is the book the Mystical City of God about?

The Mystical City of God was composed in the 17th century by Mary of Jesus of Ágreda, a Franciscan nun. The book recounts the life of the Virgin Mary and the divine plan both for creation and the salvation of souls. According to María de Ágreda, the book was mostly dictated to her by the Virgin Mary herself.

Is the Mystical City of God approved by the church?

The work has the Imprimatur of several Popes and Bishops and appeals primarily to those who believe in private revelation and the sanctity of Mary. Non-Catholics generally do not accept the teaching of the Catholic Church and are consequently skeptical of works of this nature.

How many pages is the Mystical City of God?

2,676 page
The Mystical City of God by Venerable Mother Mary of Jesus of Agreda (1602-1665) is a monumental four-volume, 2,676 page history of the life of the Blessed Virgin Mary, as revealed by Our Lady to this 17th-century Spanish nun.

Is Mary of Agreda a saint?

The body of Venerable Mary of Agreda, incorrupt for four hundred years. Eight years later, she was declared Venerable by Pope Clement X. However, problems have gotten in the way of making her a saint. The Mystical City of God was published five years after her death.

Who was the Blue Nun?

One story, about a mystical apparition known as the Blue Nun or Lady in Blue, has persisted here in the Southwest for nearly 400 years. Born Maria Fernandez Coronel, the Blue Nun spent her entire life in Agreda, Spain, north of Madrid, between the years of her birth in 1602 and her death in 1665.

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Does Blue Nun still exist?

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What is the gold in Blue Nun?

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Is Blue Nun a good wine?

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Is Blue Nun cheap?

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