What is the bus fare in Odisha?

What is the bus fare in Odisha?

The ordinary buses will charge a revised fare of 89 Paise/Km as compared to existing 85 Paise/Km. The Express and Deluxe buses will charge 93 Paise/Km and 129 Paise/Km against 89 Paise/Km and 121 Paise/Km respectively.

What is the bus fare in HP per km?

At present, the fare of ordinary buses in Himachal is ₹1.12 per km in the plains and ₹1.75 in the hills. Similarly, the fare of deluxe buses is ₹1.37 per km in the plains and ₹2.17 per km in the hills. For Volvo and air-conditioned buses, the fare is ₹2.74 per km in the plains and ₹3.62 in the hills.

What is a deluxe bus?

Deluxe Bus Service (Regd.) is popular due to its adequate, safe and on-time bus services. Several types of buses run by Deluxe Bus Service (Regd.) help in connecting different routes. proficiently strives in maintaining its quality and delivering an affordable bus travel experience in the long run.

What is the minimum bus fare in Mumbai?

BEST Buses Fare: For BEST AC buses, the minimum fare has been brought down from ₹ 20 to ₹ 6 and maximum fare has been kept at ₹ 25. BEST bus fare: The minimum non-AC bus fare has been reduced from ₹ 8 to ₹ 5 for first 5 kms. Mumbai: The BEST buses fare in Mumbai has reduced from today.

What is the fare of Hrtc per km?

74.00 paise per passenger per K.M. 2. In Deluxe and Semi-Deluxe services 100% and 50% additional is charged over and above the fare per KM of the ordinary services.

How do I get a green card in HRTC?

Green Card can be purchased against a payment of Rs. 50/- having its validity for two years. Samman Card Scheme. HRTC has introduced a “SAMMAN CARD” scheme for Senior Citizens only.

What is white board buses in Chennai?

In the case of Chennai, it is most of the bus will be identified by the name White Board (white board referring to Gayathri Raguramm). The name White Board refers to ordinary fare buses. According to a Polymer report released in May 2021 , there are about 1000 white board buses operating in Chennai as of today.

What is the price of a bus?

The cost of such a bus averages between $250,000 and $280,000. A 35-foot coach will hold about 35 ambulatory passengers and cost about $250,000. A 30- foot coach will hold about 30 passengers and cost about $205,000. The average life expectancy of transit coach chassis is about 12 years.

What is green card in HRTC buses?

Green Card Scheme. Under this scheme, the card holder is allowed 25% discount in fare within the radius of 50 kms from place of issue of Green Card or place opted by him. Green Card can be purchased against a payment of Rs. 50/- having its validity for two years.

What is semi deluxe room?

The Semi Deluxe room is nice combination of comfort and elegance with affordable tariff rates. Some of the features of our Semi Deluxe Rooms are : – Cozy and comfortable double beds with clean bed sheets and blankets. – Wooden almirah and large mirror glass. – Sofa and Table.

Is there any increase in bus fare in Odisha?

As per a notification issued by the State Transport Authority (STA), the fares of ordinary and express buses have been increased by 1 paisa/km while the fare of deluxe and AC deluxe buses went up by 2 paise per km. However, there will be no hike in the fare of city buses plying in the state.

Is there increase in diesel price in Odisha?

“Due to increase in diesel price from `80.42 as on 07.12

Do you have to pay road tax in Odisha?

Road Tax in Odisha. Located in the East of India, Odisha, which was previously known as Orissa, charges road tax to those who purchase and operate their own vehicles in the state under the Central Motor Vehicle Act, 1988. More. The price of the vehicle does not end with the ex-showroom price.

What is Order No 5992 of Odisha Motor Vehicle Department?


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