What is the function of the subclavius muscle?

What is the function of the subclavius muscle?

Function. It depresses the lateral clavicle, acts to stabilize the clavicle while the shoulder moves the arm. It also raises the first rib while lowering the clavicle during breathing.

How do you strengthen the subclavius muscle?

Directions: With your thumb, apply a vertical and posterior force directly under the collar bone (clavicle). Move the thumb slowly on this muscle, across the entire clavicle. If tender, move slower, sometimes stopping on extremely tender areas. Perform this exercise for 2 – 3 minutes.

What joint does the subclavius cross?

The main function of the subclavius is to stabilize the clavicle during movements of the shoulder girdle….Subclavius muscle.

Origin Costal cartilage, sternal end of rib 1
Function Sternoclavicular joint: Anchors and depresses clavicle

What Innervates the subclavius muscle?

The subclavian nerve, also known as the nerve to subclavius, is an anterior branch from the C5 and C6 roots of the brachial plexus, and supplies the subclavius muscle.

Can you pull your Subclavius muscle?

In particular, the subclavius muscle sits directly under the collar bone. Thus, if your muscle pain is directly under your collar bone and not radiating from another source, an injury – such as a strain – to the subclavius muscle is very likely the cause.

How do I release Subclavius?

To get a hold of the subclavius, place your thumb or forefinger just underneath the clavicle next to the sternum. Here the muscle is most exposed as it dives behind the bone as it gets closer to the shoulder. Press with good pressure, enough so you can feel some tenderness.

What causes subclavius muscle pain?

Various activities can cause pain in the muscle. Lifting a heavy object can cause a great deal of pain in this muscle. For those who work with their arms outstretched such as on a computer or driving, it could end up causing pain in the Subclavius muscle.

What causes pain in Subclavius muscle?

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