What is the MacKeeper app for a Mac?

What is the MacKeeper app for a Mac?

MacKeeper: one lifesaver app to cover anything Mac Because using a dozen separate apps is so last century. MacKeeper is your one-stop app to get Mac act-ups fixed—with multiple layers of protection and a total cleanup.

Why are there so many people complaining about MacKeeper?

MacKeeper’s massive advertising footprint makes it a major issue that people talk about. They advertise more than anyone else except for maybe Google Chrome. That makes it a huge target for people to rail against. But pound for pound, there is a lot of true adware, malware, and scams that are far worse than MacKeeper.

Are there any warnings for installing ultimate MacKeeper?

One of the scanners ( ESET-NOD32) detected the file and spat out a warning in red: “OSX/MacKeeper.CL Potentially unwanted”. Not a good start, in my opinion. Usually, I would not install any app that causes a warning.

What does MacKeeper mean in terms of Junkware?

Junkware is software that does little to nothing to improve anything it’s installed on and may actually include hidden malware, backdoors, adware, etc.. MacKeeper actually makes every computer it’s installed on run horribly.

Is it safe to use MacKeeper with PCMag?

MacKeeper offers security, privacy, and tune-up features, but it lacks essential protection against malicious and fraudulent URLs. PCMag editors select and review products independently. If you buy through affiliate links, we may earn commissions, which help support our testing.

How much does a month of MacKeeper cost?

How Much Does MacKeeper Cost? At the time this review was originally written, MacKeeper was undeniably expensive. If you chose to pay for it monthly, it was $16.95 per month, or a whopping $203.40 per year. Choosing to pay for a year at a time gt that down to $119.40 per year, the equivalent of $9.95 per month.

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