What is the meaning of Crevicular epithelium?

What is the meaning of Crevicular epithelium?

Crevicular epithelium. The stratified squamous epithelium lining the inner aspect of the soft tissue wall of the gingival sulcus. Synonym: sulcular epithelium.

Where is the sulcular epithelium located?

Junctional Epithelium Location The sulcular epithelium lines the gingival sulcus from the base to the free gingival margin. This is where it interfaces with the epithelium of the oral cavity.

What is gingival fluid?

Gingival crevicular fluid is an inflammatory exudate derived from the periodontal tissues. It is composed of serum and locally generated materials such as tissue breakdown products, inflammatory mediators, and antibodies directed against dental plaque bacteria.

What is in gingival crevicular fluid?

Which tissue is present in the lining of mouth?

stratified squamous epithelium
The oral mucosa is the mucous membrane lining the inside of the mouth. It comprises stratified squamous epithelium, termed “oral epithelium”, and an underlying connective tissue termed lamina propria.

What is the function of gingival crevicular fluid?

Gingival crevicular fluids (GCFs) are a very specific oral cavity fluid that represents periodontal health. Due to their non-invasive sampling, they have attracted proteome research and are used as diagnostic fluids for periodontal diseases and drug analysis.

What is the dictionary definition of crevicular fluid?

dictionary thesaurus. adjective. cre·​vic·​u·​lar | krə-ˈvik-yə-lər . : of, relating to, or involving a crevice and especially the gingival crevice gingival crevicular fluid.

What is the medical definition of a crepuscular?

Medical Definition of crepuscular 1 : of, relating to, or resembling twilight crepuscular depths of personality — William James 2 : active in the twilight crepuscular animals

What is the medical definition of a crevice?

Medical definition of crevicular: of, relating to, or involving a crevice and especially the gingival crevice.

Which is a synonym for gingival fluid or crevicular fluid?

Synonym: crevicular fluid; gingival fluid Water and dissolved substances inside tissues but outside of cells and vessels. Interstitial fluid is largely the ultrafiltrate of arterial blood, having been pushed through capillary walls by hydrostatic force; therefore it has a salt concentration similar to blood serum.

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