What is the synopsis of The Magic Flute?

What is the synopsis of The Magic Flute?

One of the greatest operas ever written, Mozart’s timeless classic concerns the search for truth and reason, love and enlightenment. It follows the adventures of Prince Tamino and the bird-catcher Papageno on their quest to rescue Pamina.

What is the message in The Magic Flute?

The story of The Magic Flute focuses on the triumph of reason and virtue over irrationality and evil. This concept was important in Freemasonry, a fraternal order that was popular during the Enlightenment and of which Mozart was a member.

What happens at the end of The Magic Flute?

The opera ends with Sarastro, Tamino, and Pamina celebrating the victory of light over darkness.

What happens when Tamino plays his flute?

Led by the three spirits to the temple of Sarastro, Tamino learns from a high priest that it is the Queen, not Sarastro, who is evil. Hearing that Pamina is safe, Tamino charms the wild animals with his flute, then rushes off to follow the sound of Papageno’s pipes.

Why is The Magic Flute Masonic?

And why a magic flute? A common Masonic theme is that music has the power to transcend human fear and hatred. So, the moral of the story is that through the Masonic Order and guided by the beauty of music, society is enlightened – men and women equally.

Did Mozart know he was dying?

Sophie insisted that Mozart remained conscious until about two hours before his death. A team of intrepid scholars from Amsterdam, Vienna, and London collected reports of all the recorded deaths in Vienna between December 1791 and January 1792, as well as the corresponding periods in 1790 to 1791 and 1792 to 1793.

Is The Magic Flute about Freemasonry?

Freemasonry and Masonic Symbolism The Magic Flute is not set in a particular historical period, but the opera is strongly influenced by the ideas of Freemasonry. Both Mozart and Schikaneder were Freemasons, an organisation that taught self-improvement and philosophy through participation in a progression of ceremonies.

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