What is XactPay?

What is XactPay?

XactPay is Hartford’s own Pay As You Go workers compensation program for small business owners who want to report and pay premium online or through their QuickBooks software. XactPay workers comp helps improve cash flow and reduces audit exposure by allowing employers to pay their premium based on actual payroll.

What is the Hartford ability advantage?

The Hartford’s Ability AdvantageSM helps manage claims, Leave and benefits administration in a single portal. Our new My Benefits employee claims portal was designed with customer insights. 95% of respondents found their experience clear and easy to understand.

How do you quote workers compensation?

Where you can get a workers’ comp insurance quote

  1. Direct from the insurance carrier (you can request a quote from us online or by calling (844) 828-3801)
  2. Through an insurance agent.
  3. Through your state’s assigned risk plan (this is typically when you are unable to get coverage from another carrier)

Can you pay workcover monthly?

Paying in instalments You are eligible to pay your renewal premium in instalments if your average performance premium is greater than $1,000. If your average performance premium is more than $5,000, you can choose to pay your renewal premium in monthly or quarterly instalments.

Is The Hartford a good company to work for?

Overall, a wonderful company to work for at all levels. A company with great benefits. I would say it’s a great place for people looking for a long term career with one company. There is the opportunity to advance especially if you stand out.

Why is my workers comp premium so high?

The more injuries employees in your class of business get, the higher your Pure Premium rate will be. As you can expect, the riskier businesses like construction and agriculture tend to have higher rates than the low-risk ones like office workers and sales people.

What is WC coverage?

Workers’ compensation insurance, also known as workman’s comp, provides benefits to employees who get injured or sick from a work-related cause. It also includes disability benefits, missed wage replacement and death benefits. Workers’ comp also reduces your liability for work-related injuries and illnesses.

What should I include in WorkCover?

What can wages include?

  1. salary/wages.
  2. overtime, shift and other allowances.
  3. over award payments.
  4. bonuses, commissions.
  5. payments to working directors (including directors’ fees)
  6. payments to pieceworkers.
  7. payments for sick leave, public holidays and the associated leave loadings.
  8. value of any substitutes for wages.

What does icare NSW do?

icare is a NSW Government agency that provides insurance and care services to statutory authorities and people with injuries under various compensation schemes. This includes the Workers Compensation Nominal Insurer, providing workers compensation to more than 326,000 employers and 3.6 million workers in NSW.

How does xactpay work for Hartford workers comp?

XactPAY means Pay-as-you-go premiums, paid one payroll period at a time. 1. Run your payroll through QuickBooks 2. Your payroll data is uploaded automatically 3. The Hartford’s workers’ compensation premium is calculated based on actual payroll processed and The Hartford draws the premium payment from your bank account.

How does xactpay work to pay for payroll?

Each time you process a payroll for your business, simply login to your web secure account at XactPay.com, and enter your payroll information for your most recent payroll period or at the end of each month. XactPay emails an invoice and collects premium via and electronic debit from your designated bank account.

How does Hartford pay as you go billing work?

Pay-as-you-go billing relies on real-time payroll to calculate workers’ compensation premiums. This means premiums are more accurate compared to using estimated annual payroll. Use these resources to become familiar with XactPAY, The Hartford’s pay-as-you-go billing option.

How to sell xactpay to a small business?

Get an overview of the Self-Reported Payroll (SRP) option (for customers not using a payroll provider to run payroll). Agent Onboarding Guide prepares you to confidently sell this option to customers. XactPAY Customer Guide shows customers who use a payroll provider how to register for and manage their XactPAY account.

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