What kind of canoe is the Souris River?

What kind of canoe is the Souris River?

Our canoes are designed with wilderness tripping in mind. They are fast, stable, manoeuvrable and sea-worthy. Click here to see fifteen good reasons to buy a Souris River Canoe.

Why is the little mouse called La Petite Souris?

Many interpretations of the Little Mouse or La Petite Souris have appeared in French popular culture. The mouse is often used to make children less frightened, particularly regarding concerns they may have about losing their baby teeth.

What kind of silt is in the Souris River?

Much of its drainage basin is fertile silt and clay deposited by former glacial Lake Souris .

How much water does the Souris River have?

The Wawanesa Dam was completed in 1951 storing about 320 acre-feet (390,000 m 3) of water. Most of the annual flow of the Souris River comes from snow melt and spring rains. The annual flow volume varies dramatically from 3,400 acre-feet (4,200,000 m 3) in 1937 to 2,100,000 acre-feet (2.6 km 3) in 1976.

What kind of canoe is the solo Nessmuk?

Solo Feather-weight Canoe Nessmuk is an historic replica of a canoe commissioned by the author George Washington Sears for his Adirondack cruise in the summer of 1880 and built by the Rushton Boat Works of Canton N.Y. Sears wrote about this and subsequent trips in Forest and Stream magazine under the pen name ‘Nessmuk’.

What are the dimensions of a solo canoe?

Solo Canoes Length: 9′ 8 1/2″ Materials: Wood Canvas In the tradition of the short “trapper” or “pack canoes,” Whisper provides a small-waters explorer with easy portability, stability, and maneuverability.

Where can I buy a used canoe for sale?

Find new and used canoes for sale! Buy and sell both new and used canoes within the largest community of paddling enthusiasts. You can search by location nearest you, price, or condition to buy a canoe that suits your needs.

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