What kind of earrings are made in the USA?

What kind of earrings are made in the USA?

Handmade in USA with sterling silver French wires. 1-3/8″L. Shiny bands of 14kt gold vermeil set off oxidized segments dotted with granulation beads. Exclusive. Handmade in sterling silver. Posts. 1″ dia. Two interpretations of round, one hammered sterling silver disk, the other a 14kt gold-filled hoop.

What kind of earrings do they make at Sundance?

Larger-than, smaller-than granulation beads are pretty punctuation on the petite hoop wires of these double dot gold bead earrings. Sundance exclusive in 18kt gold plate. 7/16″L. Colorful clusters of peridot, carnelian, turquoise and more exude a bright new outlook, sealed with the serenity of a cultured freshwater pearl.

What kind of earrings do Jane Diaz make?

Sterling silver. 5/16″ to 3/8″L. Tiny scooped starbursts hold each rhodolite garnet in place on these brushed sterling silver crescent hoop earrings by Jane Diaz. Handcrafted with snap down wires. 1/2″ dia. Shored by sterling silver, a long pool of lapis beckons as three sterling dots contemplate jumping in. Exclusive.

What kind of earrings do Jes Maharry make?

Jes MaHarry’s etchings make hearts soar: “love” floats serenely under the sun’s glorious rays; winged heart on reverse. Exclusive. Handmade in USA of sterling silver. Posts. 3/4″ dia. Carnelian’s warm hue brings to mind the colors of a desert sunset. Hand-forged 18kt vermeil spheres add daylight brilliance. Posts. Exclusive. 5/16″L.

What kind of earrings are made of sterling silver?

Petals perfectly formed of shiny sterling silver, each one highlighted by etched and oxidized borders. Earrings handcrafted with French wires. 1-1/8″L.

What kind of earrings have tiny star studs?

Sterling Silver Teeny Tiny Sterling Silver Star Stud Earrings. Delicate 925 Sterling Teeny Star earrings studs. Super cute 5mm Star Studs.

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