What MCC 5542?

What MCC 5542?

An MCC reflects the primary category in which a merchant does business and may be used: by card networks to define rules and restrictions for card transactions (for example, Automated Fuel Dispensers (MCC 5542) have specific rules for authorization and clearing messages)

How do I find my MCC merchant code?

You can find the MCC for different purchases/stores on your credit card statement, so your best bet is to go back into your statement and see exactly how the merchant description is coded so you know for future reference.

What MCC 6051?

High-Risk MCC List

MCC Code Description
MCC 5999 Miscellaneous specialty retail, includes ammunition and firearms
MCC 6051 Quasi-cash, currency, money orders, travelers cheques, debt repayment, loan payment, lease payment, mortgage companies (not money transfer, non-financial institution)
MCC 6211 Securities dealers

What does MCC stand for?

Merchant Category Code
MCC is an acronym that stands for “Merchant Category Code.” The major card companies and banks break down the merchants who accept their cards into categories and assign each merchant, accordingly, a corresponding code consisting of four numbers. These code numbers are consistent between the card companies and banks.

How do I find my merchant ID?

On your merchant statement – Check the top right of your merchant statement from your MSP. If you don’t see a 15-digit number that looks like it, get a hold of your merchant services provider or processor and ask them. On your terminal – Sometimes MSPs or processors will put the ID on your terminal.

What is MCC number?

A MCC is a four digit number assigned to a business by Visa or Master Card. It is used to classify the business by the type of goods or services it provides. Public transportation providers have specific MCCs they use when selling transit passes.

Is Costco classified as MCC 5411?

Costco purchases most often fall under the MCC code 5300, the code for discount clubs. However, some locations also have gas bars. Purchases there would logically fall under MCC 5541 and 5542. Gas purchases may then qualify for rewards earnings if these MCC categories fall under the rewards card terms.

Is Costco coded as grocery?

Retailers that typically do not code as groceries Costco (A notable exception is Bank of America cards.) Sam’s Club (A notable exception is Bank of America cards.)

What MCC 4816?

MCC 4816 is used for Computer network services and other similar services. NOIRE can support eCommerce merchants with these requirements within this Merchant category code.

What is a high risk MCC?

MCC 6012 is the most commonly known high-risk merchant ID. However, Merchants operating in CBD, gaming, gambling and the Adult industry (amongst others) would also be considered high-risk either due to the laws and regulations around their industries, or the levels of transactions they process monthly.

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