What nationality is the last name McCallum?

What nationality is the last name McCallum?

Mccallum Name Meaning Scottish: Anglicized form of Gaelic Mac Coluim ‘son of Colum’, a personal name derived from Latin columba ‘dove’ (now often found as Calum). This was the name of the 6th-century missionary known in English as St.

What clan Does McCallum belong to?

Clan Malcolm

Clan MacCallum/Malcolm
Mac Mhaol Chaluim
Crest: A tower argent with blue window and port
Motto In ardua tendit (He aims at difficult things)

How old is the name McCallum?

Early Origins of the McCallum family One of the earliest records of the name was Reginald MacCallum of Corbarron who was made the hereditary constable of Craignish Castle in 1414. Sir Duncan Campbell granted him lands in Craignish and on Loch Avich.

How many people have the last name Mccallum?

McCall Surname Distribution Map

Place Incidence Frequency
United States 9,364 1:5,363

Is McCall Scottish or Irish?

McCall is a Gaelic surname, of Irish and Scottish origin.

How common is the last name McCall?

McCall Surname Distribution Map

Place Incidence Frequency
United States 56,176 1:6,452
England 4,056 1:13,737
Scotland 2,641 1:2,027
Australia 2,485 1:10,863

How did the MacCallum clan get its name?

MacCallum Clan Motto: In Ardua Tendit (He has attempted difficult things). There is some confusion over the actual name of this Clan since, in 1799, it was changed by the Chief, Dugald MacCallum of Poltalloch, from MacCallum to Malcolm, for allegedly ‘aesthetic reasons.’

What are the different types of MacCallum tartans?

MacCallum Tartans Each tartan can have multiple variations, the most common of which are Ancient, Modern, Weathered, Hunting and Dress 3 Variations find out more about variations

Which is the fuller form of the MacCallum?

In the past it was often found in the fuller form, ‘MacGillechalium’, son of the servant of Calum (the dove like one), and has been Anglicised to Malcom during the last two hundred years; this does not mean that all Malcolms were originally MacCallums.

Who are the sons of Sir John MacCallum?

Another son, Alexander, became a judge with the title Lord Lochore, and yet another son, James, fought with Viscount Dundee at the Battle of Killiekrankie in 1680. Sir John Malcolm of Burnfoot (1769-83), born near Langholm, was three times British Ambassador to Persia and in 1827 became Governor of Bombay.

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