What replaced the Bridgestone e5?

What replaced the Bridgestone e5?

The new e6 series is precisely designed to provide longer and straighter shots.” The e6 Soft is a mix of the soft feel that was a staple of e5 and the low-spin tee shot characteristics of the most recent e6. The core was also made slightly larger than its predecessor to boost distance.

Does Bridgestone still make the e6 speed?

If you’re a fan of Bridgestone’s e5 or e7 balls, you better stock up. Those models are being phased out, replaced by the new e6 SOFT and e6 SPEED.

Is Bridgestone e6 urethane?

Bridgestone’s 330 dimple design on the e6 is scientifically engineered to produce the optimum in distance and accuracy. The urethane cover uses seamless technology and increases durability for better wear and truer ball flight.

What’s the difference between Bridgestone E5 and E7?

Featuring a three-piece construction and high-speed gradational core, the e7 also goes with the Surlyn cover though this ball goes with velocity boosting technology in its core and is geared to produce a more penetrating ball flight.

Is the Bridgestone E5 a good golf ball?

Players who want more spin but don’t have the budget for tour balls should check out the e5. Players looking for extremely low spin will enjoy the e7’s piercing flight. For golfers who want a good, all-around golf ball, the e6 is a fine choice that also delivers very soft feel.

Which is better Bridgestone Pro V1 or e6?

If you’re looking at the marketing the Pro V1 should have given me more distance on a well struck ball than the e6s, but I actually found them to be really comparable. This was made most clear on a 292 drive on the uphill par 4 13th at Aspen Lakes in Bend – with the e6.

What’s the purpose of a Bridgestone E7 ball?

If you don’t have a need for a ball that combats side spin, but you are looking for pure distance in a multi-layer ball, the e7 is the ball you’re looking for in this series. Its purpose is plain and simple – produce as pure of distance as possible on all shots, from driver down through wedges.

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