What services does UBS offer?

What services does UBS offer?

UBS has several major divisions, offering products and services to numerous clients. These divisions include wealth management, asset management, investment banking, and retail banking.

Does UBS allow online trading?

Online Services supports the relationship between our clients and their Financial Advisors. When you use Online Services, you have access to investment and loan account information, cash management resources, our global research, real-time stock quotes and wealth management insights.

How do I log out of my UBS account?

Home/Navigation. Global navigation/Functions. Click on the Logout button and click on “OK”. For security rea- sons, we recommend that you always close UBS e-banking by clicking this button.

How do I access UBS?

Activate the UBS Access app directly on your smartphone:

  1. Download the app «UBS Access» onto your smartphone – it’s available free of charge here:
  2. To activate the Access App please follow the instructions in the app.
  3. Now select «Access app» as login method in UBS Connect and log on with your smartphone from now on.

What fees does UBS charge?

Fees Under UBS Wealth Management Most programs do not have a minimum annual fee. For most UBS investment programs, the maximum annual fee is 2.50% of assets under management. This maximum rate applies to both the UBS Managed Portfolio Program and to UBS non-discretionary programs.

Can you buy shares with UBS?

UBS Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) can be bought and sold on the stock exchange just as easily as listed equities. Simply contact your bank or your broker, who will gladly assist you in buying or selling the securities you would like at the best price on the stock exchange.

How do I deposit money into my UBS account?

Use the UBS Financial Services app to deposit a check through Mobile Deposit Capture or fund an investment in a snap. You can also use funds transfers to deposit funds from an external account into your RMA or initiate a deposit into UBS Core Savings, offered by UBS Bank USA.

How much money do you need to open a UBS account?

You need a minimum deposit of $5,000 to open an account. This is a relatively large minimum initial deposit when compared to the other accounts that we track. No ATM fees. UBS Bank USA Checking Account does not charge fees on ATM transactions.

How do I use UBS app?

UBS Access App

  1. Download the Access App. Download the Access App on your smartphone:
  2. Activate the Access App. There are two ways to activate the app: With an activation PIN.
  3. Use the Access App. Login: select “Access App” when logging in to Digital Banking. Online purchases: confirm credit card payments.
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