What should I ask in a struts interview?

What should I ask in a struts interview?

This series of Struts questions will take you through the complete overview of Struts Framework, Flow of an application, need for Struts, its actions, constants, etc., along with the inputs used in Struts. This article will cover all the important questions that are asked in any Struts interview.

Which is the most important part of struts application?

1. Action Servlet: This is the most important part of the whole application since it works as the backbone of the framework. 2. ActionForm: This is a Java Bean and it is used for referring to forms. 3. Action Class: This is used for handling all the requests.

How is a request handled in Struts2 application?

Q #8) How is a request handled in Struts2 Application? Answer: A request in Struts2 Application is handled in the below manner. Firstly, the request received is sent to the server by the user. Then the request is handled by FilterDispatcher that selects an appropriate action for it.

Why do we use struts for web development?

Answer: Struts is a type of Web Application Development Framework that provides a suitable platform for developing web applications. Struts include Servlets, JSP, Custom tags and Message resources into a unified framework. Q #2) Why do we use Struts?

How are tag libraries are defined in struts?

Ans: Struts.xml file is one the key configuration files of Struts framework which is used to define mapping between URL and action. When a user’s request is received by the controller, controller uses mapping information from this file to select appropriate action class. Q22. How tag libraries are defined in Struts?

What kind of validation is struts used for?

Ans: Validator Framework is used for form data validation. This framework provides two types of validations: Client Side validation on user’s browser Q8. What are the steps of Struts Installation?

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