What size pool heater do I need for a 18×36 pool?

What size pool heater do I need for a 18×36 pool?

Heat Pump Sizing Chart – Inground Pools

Pool Size (Feet) Summer 4 BTU’s Spring & Fall 5 BTU’s
Up To 15,000 Gallons 14′ x 28′ 85,000 BTU 85,000 BTU
Up To 20,000 Gallons 16′ x 32′ 85,000 BTU 110,000 BTU
Up To 25,000 Gallons 18′ x 36′ 110,000 BTU 125,000 BTU
Up To 30,000 Gallons 20′ x 40′ 125,000 BTU 150,000 BTU

How much does it cost to add a heater to an inground pool?

Installing a pool heater costs anywhere from $1,000 to $8,500 depending on the fuel source. The type of heater you choose can greatly influence your cost, both up front and over time….How Much Does a Pool Heater Cost to Install?

Electric resistance heater $1,000-$6,000
Heat pump $2,500-$7,500
Solar panels $2,500-$9,500

Can you turn an inground pool into a heated pool?

In total you can add a pool heater to an existing pool. A swimming pool heat pump is you most efficient option. Heat pumps can add a month or more to your pool season especially combine with using a solar blanket. It is easy to keep your pool in the 80 degree range.

Can you add a heater to an existing inground pool?

In total you can add a pool heater to an existing pool. A swimming pool heat pump is you most efficient option. Heat pumps can add a month or more to your pool season especially combine with using a solar blanket.

What is the best heat pump for an inground pool?

Three of the best pool heat pumps for in-ground pools: Hayward HeatPro HP21404T — 140,000 BTU — will heat a pool of 20 x 40 from 60°F to 80°F in 21 hours and maintain the temperature. TRANE TR21174T pool heat pump (110,000 BTU for a pool of 15,750 gals.)

How do you heat an inground pool?

Water Heaters. A water heater is the most effective way to heat your pool. A gas heater can raise the temperature of your pool water by 30 degrees Fahrenheit or more, greatly extending your pool season. These heaters use either natural gas or propane to heat the water in your pool.

What is the most efficient pool heater?

Solar Pool Heaters are often regarded as the most energy efficient type of pool heater you can buy. This is especially true if you live in a sunny climate. Solar pool heaters pump cold pool water through a solar collector located on the roof of your house.

What is the average price of a pool heater?

Depending on the rules where you live, that may mean taking on the additional expense of burying the tank underground. The average cost of a gas pool heater is between $1,500 and $2,500. Installation is additional and runs $500 to $1,500.

How much does a Raypak pool heater weigh?

249 pounds
Product information

Product Dimensions 43 x 35.3 x 31 inches
Item Weight 249 pounds
Manufacturer Raypak
Item model number 9195

How old is my Raypak pool heater?

The serial number will have 10 digits. The date code is found in the first four digits of the serial number, for example, a unit made in April of 2001 will have the first four digits read as 0104.

Can a pool heater be too big?

A pool heater can be undersized: if it cannot replace the heat lost through evaporative cooling, the pool’s temperature will fall below the ideal. However, there is no such thing as oversizing a pool heater. The larger the heater’s output, the faster it heats the water in the pool, and it will not begin short-cycling.

Can I install a pool heater myself?

Replacing your old gas pool heater is not such a complicated task. Indeed, most pool owners hire a professional to replace their pool heater. Many states require gas appliances to be installed by a licensed contractor; but buying it, placing it and plumbing it – you can do yourself.

What is the life of a pool heater?

You can expect a gas or heat pump pool heater to last 8 to 11 years, with an average of 10 years. Regular usage and maintenance is key to a longer lifespan.

How much propane does a pool heater use?

Here’s why: the average propane pool heater burns about 1 gallon of propane per hour per 100,000 Btus. Since a propane pool heater for a standard-sized pool (~21,000 gallons) outputs 400,000 Btus, you will burn about four gallons of propane per hour.

How can I tell how old my pool heater is?

Check for a manufacturer label on the side of your water heater — this should include the installation date. If the label is missing, or the installation date is not listed, you can use the serial number to determine the age of your unit.

What does SPK mean on pool heater?

SPK means that the heaters safeties are all closed. You have to change the set point above the water temperature in the pool or spa so the heater will light the pilot and prove that it is lit.

What is the average lifespan of a pool heater?

Lifespan. With proper installation and maintenance, gas pool heaters should last approximately five or more years. Electric heat pumps can have a lifespan of more than 10 years. A properly maintained solar pool heating system should work for up to 20 years.

How many BTU is in a Raypak pool heater?

Compare Similar Pool Heaters current product Pool Gallons (approx) 20000 25000 25000 25000 BTU Rating 206000 266000 266000 266000 Fuel Type Natural Gas Natural Gas Natural Gas Natural Gas View Product View Product View Product View Product

Is the Raypak millivolt a natural gas heater?

The Raypak millivolt natural gas heater provides ease of use with its simple controls, wind resistance, fuel efficiency, and built to last cabinet. The mechanical thermostat can be set precisely to your liking , just set it, and forget it. The millivolt ignition system does not require external power.

What does the Governor do on a Raypak pool heater?

Standard on all Raypak Digital models is Raypak’s Unitherm Governor, which helps reduce condensation from low inlet water temperatures. The Unitherm Governor automatically regulates the water flow to help keep the water temperature in the heat exchanger above 105 Degree F.

What kind of coating does a Raypak gas heater use?

PolyTuf Textured Powder Coating The Raypak gas heater has a polyester coated,non corrosive cabinet that is more durable than solventborne and waterborne coated metal cabinets. Every piece of sheet metal goes through a 7 stage wash system. making certain the power paint has a perfect bond.

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